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Ingrain Arts 


This is just a flight plan That I don’t understand I’m but a wayward leaf Not knowing where I’ll land     In the mirror today I asked for a favour To find a way To not see failure     In the face of sheer doubt Why continue trying Why keep insisting My dreams are undying     In this life It’s causing such strife When these emotions won’t cease I want only peace     Traversing across This desolate land sighing I thought plants would grow To myself…

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When Am I…? Arts 

When Am I…?

I look outside this layer of glass, And find what I can see. I regard waves of light in their infinite mass, And in them I see me   Me? I ask. Who is this person? He is a creature like the rest; he consumes space and time. How is his condition? Is it bad, will it worsen? I think now and again; he must hear familiar bells chime.   If I can hear such bells, then I know I have air. It makes its way to my cerebrum, creating…

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Just a Waver Arts 

Just a Waver

If you can read this Then you can’t You aren’t allowed To be more than an ant.   Treacherous tiny traps lock you away Within the earth Where you will stay.   Flicker Falter Twinkle Tremble   Footsteps approach Pitter patter Palpitating dirt Thinking minds shatter.   When you were young These were but dreams Stop thinking now It is never as it seems. Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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The Nintendo Switch Presentation: One Month Later, a Post-Hype Recap Entertainment 

The Nintendo Switch Presentation: One Month Later, a Post-Hype Recap

     Last Month, Nintendo’s latest console was given a lengthy live-stream which delved deep into the hardware, and software of this console-handheld hybrid; but what exactly should the average gamer take away from this? Here is the lowdown on everything Nintendo has revealed to us.      The first question on everybody’s mind is going to be launch date, and cost. Mark your calendars, Nintendo came right out of the gate saying that the console will launch worldwide on March 3rd and retail for $299.99, which means us lucky Canadians will…

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On the BuS Arts 

On the BuS

Not a day goes by where I don’t feel anxious. I look down thinking, as I ask: what’s wrong with me? My thoughts are in disarray as I mount this run-down public transportation vehicle. The driver wastes no time, which causes my reference frame to become non-inertial. However, I don’t struggle to maintain my balance, at least, not right now. Fortunately, there are two empty adjacent seats. Some days, I encounter friends on these mobile waiting rooms, but not today. It’s for the best. I wouldn’t want to irritate them…

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Aromatherapy Arts 


In that moment Once, all it takes A smiling face A soft embrace Twice now, reality shakes To just say sweet Isn’t enough A description that’s complete Would indeed be tough Si sente odore di bella Myrízeis oraía so much so I’m at a loss I take this time to collect my thoughts Again, and again, and again Once more Inundated when That which I adore Arrives within Prudent perception It is powerful, has flavor And upon further reflection Is something I will savour The intoxication Is delicate A mental…

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Entanglement Arts 


As everything in front of me gets turned around Do not drop me I’ll surely break and crack But toss a smile my way And I’ll toss one right back Two is better than one Or so they say I’ve always focused on having fun And never thought I’d see the day When I could look into reflective glass Having some semblance of what to ask My Self What do you ponder? Where does your mind wander? How do you do? With a clouded view There is no guarantee That…

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It was a Breath of Fresh Air Ride Entertainment 

It was a Breath of Fresh Air Ride

When people think of Nintendo racing games, there’s no doubt that Mario Kart comes to mind, and maybe even F-Zero for older fans. But there’s another game that often gets forgotten, buried underneath the discussion. That game is Kirby Air Ride, and it’s quite different from anything else. This game came out on the Nintendo GameCube way back in 2003, and was designed by none other than Masahiro Sakurai himself, the man behind the Super Smash Bros. series as well as Kid Icarus: Uprising, and original creator of the Kirby character. This game may have fallen by the wayside at the time of its release, but to those…

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15 Years of Super Monkey Ball Entertainment 

15 Years of Super Monkey Ball

Roll around on the ground if you’ve heard of Super Monkey Ball. You probably aren’t rolling on the floor right now, since it is somewhat likely you haven’t heard of this videogame, and you’ll look rather conspicuous if someone sees you rolling on the floor next to your computer. What you may not expect however, is that a monkey within a hollow sphere rolling through mazes isn’t conspicuous at all; some may even go so far as to say it can be quite cute. So why bring up a game…

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