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Vanier Gym Membership: Now it’s Free! Campus Sports 

Vanier Gym Membership: Now it’s Free!

Let’s get a good stretch! Why would you need to? Well, my humble reader, aside from the physiological benefits that come alongside being flexible, you need to stretch after that great workout you’re going to get at Vanier’s gym right here on campus. You read the title of this article, and you’re not going crazy, the gym membership really is free! That’s right: FREE!

All full-time students are now able to access the campus’ gym by visiting the VCSA office (room C-214) and acquiring the sticker for your Student ID Card while you’re there. Isn’t technology amazing? All it takes to be within the confines of a facility designed to ameliorate and sustain physical health and fitness is a tiny adhesive for that rectangular piece of synthetic material we all carry around.

But wait, there’s more; the hours of availability for the gym are posted (where else?) in the G Building.

Here’s to a good workout, my active reader! Remember your deep breathing!


Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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