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Transformers: Age of Platitude Entertainment 

Transformers: Age of Platitude

A movie should be a perfect blend of creating a detailed universe and a captivating storyline in which characters are hindered or helped by the world they live in. It is through the choices of the main character(s) that audience members start to get a feel of their psyche. Unfortunately, Transformers: Age of Extinction puts too much emphasis on generating flashy robots that do not help the shallow characters. Age of Extinction (AoE) is a science fiction action film directed by Micheal Bay. The fourth film of the Transformers series…

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The #LoveArmyforSomalia filled up a Turkish Airlines airplane with 60 tons of food to help the humanitarian crisis in Somalia.   On March 10, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator of the UN, Stephen O’Brien announced the worst humanitarian crisis since World War two. Somalia, Yemen, South Soudan, and Nigeria are the four countries of East Africa that are suffering through a massive famine. Internet Influencer, Jerome Jarre decided to speak up about the situation since this crisis wasn’t getting much attention from the media. Other celebrities…

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Oh well.. I wrote it.. so.. Arts 

Oh well.. I wrote it.. so..

I just don’t feel inspired I have worried and waited I’ve already debated But now I just feel tired   So, so, so much work And more to do still I no longer smirk I have had my fill   In the very beginning Things were always lots of fun But now I just feel “so done” No longer am I grinning   Have I ever felt like this friend? Wanted all my problems to end? I may have some helpful advice Hopefully my words will suffice   I Turn…

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