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Budgets from Winter 2019 and Fall 2019 Uncategorized 

Budgets from Winter 2019 and Fall 2019

Below are the VCSA’s budgets for the Winter 2019 semester (06/01/18 – 05/31-19) and for the Fall 2019 semester (01/06/19 – 29/11/19). All students can have access to a full budget upon request.  The Insider (net): Winter 2019: $10,970.16 Fall 2019: $5,828.16 Clubs:  Winter 2019: $5,201.78 Fall 2019: $2,010.90 VCSA Parties: Winter 2019: $27,332.76 Fall 2019: $17,878.96 Welcome Week: Winter 2019: $31,857.64 Fall 2019: $19,096.25 Food for VCSA Meetings: Winter 2019: $9,122.94 Fall 2019: $5,660.84 Free Breakfast for Students: Winter 2019: $4,071.17 Fall 2019: $1,617.08 Office Expenses: Winter 2019: $11,551.01…

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An Update On The VCSA Campus 

An Update On The VCSA

  Last semester left students confused, and with an unpleasant taste in their mouths after its conclusion. This article will be a recap of the events that transpired last semester, and of where the Vanier College Student’s Association (VCSA) is headed in 2020; it will, hopefully, clear the air surrounding the end of last semester.   The Meeting of November 27th, 2019 This meeting took place at UB, and was deemed to not be an official meeting because it did not follow proper procedures for the creation of a Special…

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Speak Your Piece Campus 

Speak Your Piece

In this section of The Insider, students can share and write about fun things that happen at Vanier. Whether it be a song coming from the DJ booth, something that made you laugh, or even a love confession to someone you saw walking to N, this is the place to speak your piece about it. Send your submissions to   To all of the guys in Jakes (and you know who you are): pull your pants up! –Anonymous Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you! … I like your…

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An Open Letter to Vanier Voices 

An Open Letter to Vanier

Dear Annie-Claude Banville & John McMahon, We, the students of Vanier College, are voicing our concerns over the screening of the documentary The Red Pill, which was organized by a faculty member of the English department, Kevin Bushell.   The Red Pill is a documentary film that promotes rape culture and hate speech against women. It presents itself as an exploration of the men’s rights movement; however, it is truly a propaganda film. Throughout the documentary, there are many instances that incite hate against women, while propagating a culture of…

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