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Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis Features 

Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis

In the wake of Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future becoming mainstream, there has been a surge in environmental activism on an international scale, hence the global climate strikes. As such, there has been a sense of urgency in regards to the issue, as people implore governments to take steps towards resolving it, especially considering the visibly exacerbated effects of climate change in recent years: summer’s heat waves are prolonged, winter comes later and is more frigid, and almost-yearly spring flooding has become the norm. Of course, these things affect everyone,…

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Black History Month is a confusing time for the white-passing daughter of a black man. What am I supposed to claim? Should I claim anything at all? Is the act of proudly claiming my background, telling the tale of my black father, and grandfather, and great-grandfather, appropriating and overstepping into lifetimes of resilience that I will never understand? I don’t know the answer to these questions. However, I don’t think I’m in the place to claim Black History Month. I am only in the place to listen. That is the…

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Tribute to Daisy Peterson Sweeney Features 

Tribute to Daisy Peterson Sweeney

To celebrate Black history month, this feature will highlight the achievements of one particularly talented Black woman; she truly put Montreal on the map as a jazz powerhouse. Daisy Peterson Sweeney was not only a great musician, but also a great teacher to some of the best artists from Montreal. Sweeney was born on May 7th of 1920, to Canadian parents – her mother a housekeeper and her father a railroad worker – and was raised in Little Burgundy, an area mainly inhabited by Black residents. She grew up during…

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Lincoln Alexander: Canada’s First Black MP Features 

Lincoln Alexander: Canada’s First Black MP

This February, Canadians, especially those in the black community, will celebrate Black History Month. Even though I am not black, I do wish to contribute, as a member of another visible minority, to the remembrance of influential black figures who became not only experts in their fields, but as pathfinders for their communities to thrive and prosper in Canada. Since I love Canadian political history, I will be dedicating the rest of this article to detailing the life of the Honourable Lincoln Alexander, PC, CC, O.Ont, CD, QC.   Early…

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The Coronavirus: An Opportunity for Latent Racism to Surface? News 

The Coronavirus: An Opportunity for Latent Racism to Surface?

On January 28th, a 60 year old man had a heart attack outside of a restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown. He could have been saved, had any of the several bystanders performed CPR, but instead of doing so, they waited for the NSW Police as they feared he had the coronavirus. No one helped him, leaving him to die despite the paramedics’ efforts, given too late. This is a clear example of the latent racism that tends to surface around us in times of crisis. Closer to home, there has been…

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Ami de bois Arts 

Ami de bois

Enfer Fonte de mon cœur Je brûle, j’ai mal Je brûle mon ami de bois Il me croit méchante Il se croit pantin, il me croit marionnettiste Je me vois marionnettiste Je me brûle Je veux qu’il m’aide Mais qui aiderait son bourreau? Celui qui l’a mis sur le bûcher Alors je me noie Dans les eaux bouillantes desquelles je voudrais qu’il me sorte Excuse ma personne Je ne suis plus que cendres Je suis un amas informe rafistolé à la hâte Qui peine à paraître sain Je me suis…

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Ionesc-who? (Rhinocéros) Arts 

Ionesc-who? (Rhinocéros)

It was unnoticeable at first: Comments and jokes That were far enough But still too close Until the people started marching In the streets and boulevards Only then did they come to light, Only then did they succumb to darkness To watch, in horror, as their skins’ cells Hardened and turned to scales To stare as their noses became sharp, Almost as sharp as their words To reach out, yet still be unable to stop ‘em Years of insecurity Had turned them into monsters Had given them a herd And…

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The Death of a Star Arts 

The Death of a Star

As the sun melts into the lake, The sky erupts in a mess of bright colours.   Splashes of orange, red and yellow paint a breathtaking landscape.   This moment, when the sun meets the lake, seems to last forever.   The colours spread and darken more and more, Like the work of an indecisive artist, Who vies to stay true to his art.   And even when the sun disappears altogether, The colours linger. These phantoms, slowly dying out, Hold onto the memory of a blazing sun Who once…

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What I Need (The Days Pass) Arts 

What I Need (The Days Pass)

1.What I need Never knew It would be so complicated My feelings For me Myself And I The time I spent On my bed In my head Never knew It was the reason why It got out I went out Of control Mind connected to body Suddenly it’s a hobby To stay in bed In my head Spin out of control And drown in the covers The stomach rolls Empty I crawl out Go back To the place Where the people are Where they can see And I show them…

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