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What I Need (The Days Pass) Arts 

What I Need (The Days Pass)

1.What I need

Never knew

It would be so complicated

My feelings

For me


And I

The time

I spent

On my bed

In my head

Never knew

It was the reason why

It got out

I went out

Of control

Mind connected to body

Suddenly it’s a hobby

To stay in bed

In my head

Spin out of control

And drown in the covers

The stomach rolls


I crawl out

Go back

To the place

Where the people are

Where they can see

And I show them

What they need

It’s easy

Until there’s a moment

Only one

When it’s not

Then comes the shock

I give to them

And to me

Make myself

Go back

To the hobby

That’s suddenly become

A necessity

To never feel


2.The days pass

If I say

I’m crazy

I’m gone

Would you believe me?

If I say

I was wrong

What I’ve done

Would you understand me?

Because now

The people I know

Jump out windows

For fun

They laugh

And cry

And die


By piece

They don’t know why

Their pain is so funny


A normality

We all laugh with them

About the grief and pain

They carry everyday

We carry everyday

It helps

In a way

Making fun

Of the gun


The power and size

Of the bullet

For a time


At the end of everyday


You end up in your bed

The tiny holes

Left in you


Bleed you dry

Make you feel less

Than what you were

One morning

In the light

What your being

Was bright


By Shanny Lopez

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