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Ionesc-who? (Rhinocéros) Arts 

Ionesc-who? (Rhinocéros)

It was unnoticeable at first:
Comments and jokes
That were far enough
But still too close

Until the people started marching
In the streets and boulevards
Only then did they come to light,
Only then did they succumb to darkness

To watch, in horror, as their skins’ cells
Hardened and turned to scales
To stare as their noses became sharp,
Almost as sharp as their words

To reach out, yet still be unable to stop ‘em
Years of insecurity
Had turned them into monsters
Had given them a herd

And so they chased the people,
With their heavy sounding step
They called to them with yells
And lured them through despair

Since rhinos know no mercy,
Thanks to those who hunt them without fear,
We are left with scaly humans
Who are cold and do not seem to care.

Poem by A.E.

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