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Vanier Student Life’s First Annual Geekcon Campus 

Vanier Student Life’s First Annual Geekcon

Vanier’s Student Life team is always coming up with new and creative event ideas for the Vanier population to enjoy. The first annual Vanier Geekcon is no exception.   Geekcon took place on Wednesday, February 26th in Jake’s from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Cafeteria tables were moved to make way for the many activities taking place for the occasion.   There were around twenty vendors selling their handcrafted goods like pins, stickers, and other knickknacks. There were also some vendors selling apparel, POP figurines, or commissions for artwork. There was also…

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Something love Arts 

Something love

Used to say love is not for me. That it doesn’t exist. But what do you call hoping for a person you know to be happy And not to be sad or angry, because you love when they are smiling. You would love to be near them, to embrace them, And to give all the love you have and more because they deserve nothing but the best But to know that you can’t ever be with them, knowing that you would give all your love to them, is a pain…

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A Bust Arts 

A Bust

Oh, to look upon a figure  Bigger than the human mind Blind, shielded from the ravages of time I’m speechless, standing by the marble statue   How could one reach for her hand,  Banned from anything life offers? Coffers left empty, covered in moss Tossed, free of life and pain, of hope and rot   Potentials of nations, and dreams Seams left unsewed. The road to the heart is long and perilous, As careless as the gray lines tracing her cold skin   And how I long to brush her…

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Black cloud Arts 

Black cloud

Blocking the sun, Preventing its light and heat  From reaching the ground, A black cloud has formed, And is casting the world in darkness.   Time passes by slowly, But the black cloud, even slower. Soaring across the sky, It seems to be endless, Never letting sunlight seep through, And never faltering in its steady journey, Until the whole sky is pitch black, Despite it still being daytime.   Hours turn into days, Turn into weeks, Turn into months… Turn into years.   It’s been years since I’ve felt the…

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Untitled Arts 


At first glance, I Thought that it wasn’t Real, But I blinked, as Sunlight bore into  My eyes:   I was awake, Numb and bleary-eyed. Though Completely stunned, I Relaxed my shoulders  Into    The clouds that held Tightly onto me, While I ran my hand Over gentle plains, Softly,   Before stretching My arm towards the Ground, Hesitantly Picking up the clothes Lying…   It was cold, as I began to get Dressed; The wind kept on Whispering into My ear…   By Fin

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