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A Bust Arts 

A Bust

Oh, to look upon a figure 

Bigger than the human mind

Blind, shielded from the ravages of time

I’m speechless, standing by the marble statue


How could one reach for her hand, 

Banned from anything life offers?

Coffers left empty, covered in moss

Tossed, free of life and pain, of hope and rot


Potentials of nations, and dreams

Seams left unsewed.

The road to the heart is long and perilous,

As careless as the gray lines tracing her cold skin


And how I long to brush her lips with mine 

A shrine of what was and what will never be.

To flee from the ideals of the man that carved you,

Who was he to bring you into such a place?


A world that only admires you from afar

A star, so distant that she might as well be dead

Instead, your blank eyes seem to question the drive

Humans need in order to survive


By A.E.

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