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Flying Moments – A Synopsis By Large Vanier Alumni 

Flying Moments – A Synopsis By Large

I have always dreamt of becoming a writer. It is thanks to my sister that this dream of mine has come true. My first book, “Flying Moments – A Synopsis by Large”, is a collection of several short stories, a prose and a poem, all inspired from my everyday life and imagination. It bears the title of “Flying Moments” for it details flying moments in my life; the book is a synopsis by large of incidents in my daily life, my self-reflection and things that I discuss with my peers….

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Climate Change In Canada Features 

Climate Change In Canada

Canada’s biggest industries involve the extraction of natural resources, including oil, gas and uranium. With the Arctic warming faster than any other biome recently due to increased greenhouse gas emissions, Canadians are particularly concerned about the impacts of climate change. The country generates enormous wealth from its oil and gas operations. However, the oil and gas industries account for a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, with the oilsands being the most carbon intensive. The oil extracted in Alberta’s oilsands reserves is shipped in pipelines in its raw form. The…

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Technology and A Message from Dwight Schrute Features 

Technology and A Message from Dwight Schrute

In one episode of The Office, the paper company of Dunder Mifflin just launches its online website where its customers can purchase reams of paper without the need of “the personal touch of a salesman.” One of the main characters, Dwight Schrute, is arguably the top salesman of the company. As a preview of what his character entails, he describes himself as such: “Three words: hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer, merciless, insatiable…”   Dwight goes on to challenge himself in selling more reams of paper in one workday than the online…

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Can Good Come Out of The VCSA Elections? Campus 

Can Good Come Out of The VCSA Elections?

Trouble in Paradise, and an old Commie Gag Workers used to say in communist Russia, “they pretend to pay us, we pretend to work!” It is said by some that we share these illusions of productivity with the Russian peasantry. The upcoming VCSA elections are small-scale and increase the discouraging feeling of voting’s bourgeois absurdity. Acts as simple as casting a vote, can feel like complicity in a show of make-believe: You believe in the power of the vote and in its significance; executive members believe in their importance. However,…

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An Interview with Top Chef Middle East: Ali Ghzawi’s Culinary Journey Vanier Alumni 

An Interview with Top Chef Middle East: Ali Ghzawi’s Culinary Journey

Ali Ghzawi, who is only 25 years old, won the Top Chef Middle East competition, aired on MBC over the past months. Ghzawi kindly took some time in his busy schedule to talk to The Insider about his journey through the culinary world. Ghzawi’s story began at age 17. His classmates had raved about his delicious sandwiches, inspiring Ghazwi to begin selling them at school. In the process of selling 120 sandwiches a day to both students and teachers, Ghzawi discovered his passion for food. He knew then that he…

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Vigil For New Zealand Campus 

Vigil For New Zealand

There will be a vigil held in the carrefour area, during the UB of April 3rd. This ceremony will honour the fifty-one dead and the fifty injured at New Zealand’s Christchurch mosque. Vanier’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) has taken the time to organize the event. Hifza Randhawa, the MSA’s vice-president, is dismayed by the media’s response to the attack. There is a gaping disparity, she remarks, between the coverage of violence perpetrated by Muslims and similar acts executed by the radical right. “[F]alse notions concerning Islam and Muslims” have been…

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Vanier Renames Their Athletic Teams to “Vanier Squirrels” Campus 

Vanier Renames Their Athletic Teams to “Vanier Squirrels”

The Vanier College athletic teams have achieved extraordinary results since their creation, and they continue to be the best teams on many fields and courts. The Cheetahs basketball and football teams have been exceptional recently in their participation in regional playoffs. However, many Vanier students find the name “Cheetahs” to be too disconnected as most of the students have never seen a real Cheetah. In fact, Cheetahs are mammals who are wildly present in parts of the Africa and Iran, but their footpaths are non-existent in North America. The only…

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