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Vigil For New Zealand Campus 

Vigil For New Zealand

There will be a vigil held in the carrefour area, during the UB of April 3rd. This ceremony will honour the fifty-one dead and the fifty injured at New Zealand’s Christchurch mosque.

Vanier’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) has taken the time to organize the event.

Hifza Randhawa, the MSA’s vice-president, is dismayed by the media’s response to the attack. There is a gaping disparity, she remarks, between the coverage of violence perpetrated by Muslims and similar acts executed by the radical right.

“[F]alse notions concerning Islam and Muslims” have been “proliferated.” These shoddy representations are responsible for this now perennial heartache.

Hifza will be giving a speech at the vigil which she hopes will help “avoid hate getting hammered into people’s heads.”

The following week on April 10th, the VCSA and the Communications department have coordinated a lamentation of their own; Same time, same place.

The Insider would like to express its solidarity with the Muslim community, and its heartfelt sympathy for all those who’ve felt themselves affected by these political acts of ethical and intellectual poverty.

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