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Her Gift to You Arts 

Her Gift to You

She used strands of her golden hair As thread, To sew the pieces of her heart Back together, Her flesh as a blanket, To keep him warm, And her bones As reinforcements, To keep the house From crumbling down. Yet, as he holds the remains Of her body, Dearly, Like an heirloom Her father passed down to him, He wonders, “Has she always been this small?”   Poem by: Fin

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Innocens Arts 


Un cœur sombrant vers l’enfer a accès au paradis Un cerveau se perdant dans les plaines ensoleillées croira suivre un sentier droit Ils se meurent Seuls mes yeux survivent Ils te voient déambuler dans la neige Rouge sur blanc Toucher est interdit Vous êtes prié de seulement regarder Tes couleurs prennent mes sens décédés Elles raniment le paysage froid Cachée derrière les flocons qui se déposent silencieusement Je t’admire Je reste immobile Silencieuse Je deviens comme ces flocons qui finissent toujours par se dissiper sur le sol Comme si ne rien…

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Stained Glass Arts 

Stained Glass

We are told as children, To keep away from sharp objects, In fear that we might rip a tear, In our freshly spun silk. But like all things, We are in constant flux. Somewhere along the line, Our silk turns to glass, Our tears turn to shatters. Now how exactly, Did they think we could steer clear, Of our own scattered shards? The answer, My dear, Is that we simply cannot. We must pick them up, With hands, however bloody, Tainting every piece. The light of dawn, Will then shine…

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The Origins of Earth Day Features 

The Origins of Earth Day

The first Earth Day took place on April 22nd, 1970, in the United States, and involved peaceful protests across the country advocating for a healthier and more sustainable environment. Mainstream America was largely unaware of the detriment the environment was facing due to the burning of fossil fuels, air pollution and resource overexploitation. A best selling book by Rachel Carson released in 1962 titled “Silent Spring” was a key component in the raising of public awareness concerning the environment, pollution and their relation to public health. Americans had lots of…

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Navigating Newspeak: Problems With Talk About Jobs and Entrepreneurs Voices 

Navigating Newspeak: Problems With Talk About Jobs and Entrepreneurs

In the new political language it is common to hear about the sacrifices we should make to bring “jobs” and to invest in “entrepreneurs.” These invocations – often accompanied by the mention of “economic growth” – are becoming suspicious. However, the suspicious person is very vulnerable in an argument. They are not usually in the position to deny the value of “jobs” and “entrepreneurs.” How could they ever even imagine? In a discussion with anyone who considers themselves “practical,” this value is absolute. It is the only thing that matters….

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It’s Not a Myth Voices 

It’s Not a Myth

Who’s exhausted from hearing the constant talk about climate change? Apparently we’re all completely ignorant and the environmentalists are standing alone in their quest to slow the rate of pollution. But come on, right? Many of us say that we care about the issue and most of us claim that we are conscious about our ecological footprint and make attempts to reduce it. Maybe tree huggers just have a passion for concocting controversial posters, researching the main causes of the greenhouse gas emissions and blocking traffic flow on streets with…

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Canada is Warming Faster as Governments Fail to Catch Up Features 

Canada is Warming Faster as Governments Fail to Catch Up

Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world according to a recent report prepared by government scientists. In parts of Canada’s north this warming is progressing at thrice the rate of the global average. While, since 1948, other countries have experienced temperature increases of roughly 0.8 degrees, Canada has been touched by a 1.7 degree increase. As the report notes in its headline statements, “this warming is effectively irreversible” and “further warming,” it anticipates, “is unavoidable.” These changes to our temperature can be expected to increase…

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