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Red Wine Arts 

Red Wine

“Pick your poison” You said as you poured the crimson liquor. Warm breeze, Grassy knees, The sun was out that day. The grass grew long, untamed, Behind our picture-perfect house. Our white picket fence, Was meant to keep the monsters out. “That lawn needs a good mowing” You said as your belly swelled with juice. And I? Well, I complied. I comply with all your words, Yet you still rid my body of its crimson liquor. The sun broke through the clouds, Overhead our jungled yard. It reminded me of…

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Amours Printanières Arts 

Amours Printanières

Il me semble que parfois le temps s’arrête, que rien n’importe Que la pollution, les guerres, les humains, l’histoire, les humains, la galaxie, la nature On s’en fout Rien n’importe On pourrait en finir maintenant et ça ne changerait rien de rien Nous ne regretterions rien après tout Mort et vie seraient synonymes Mais après, il y a toi Les soleils de ma tête s’éteignent, Seulement une étoile, primitive, honteuse, heureuse Reste là, à brûler seule dans l’obscurité Et tandis qu’elle brûle, je me fiche de sortir de l’épave qui…

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Not Your Typical Love Poem Arts 

Not Your Typical Love Poem

We shared boxes of bittersweet chocolate And bottled wine, to lift your spirits. Now that you’ve had your fill, Empty bottles rest at our feet, Catching the tears that fall from your cheeks, So as to keep the grass from wilting, And unread love letters Litter the ground like kindling, Forming a hearth that warms us. So, we feed it with roses, To keep the home fires burning.   Poem by: Fin

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Who I Am Arts 

Who I Am

I’m the psychologist. The random person. The stranger that listens.   I am the whisper in the night, the shadow in the day, and the fear of fright.   I am the haunting dream, the whisper in the ear that says “you can do it, I know you can”.   I am the music box, or not. The clumsy ballerina that tries to spin in a full circle, full stop.   I am earth, wind, fire and sun.     Poem by: Sara Rebeca Palacios

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One Year Ago, Reminiscing on My Happy Strolls At Vanier Vanier Alumni 

One Year Ago, Reminiscing on My Happy Strolls At Vanier

March 13th 2019 marks the third to last issue of “The Insider” for this academic year. One year ago, I contributed to the May issue of The Insider, in the alumni column. As March 13th 2019 marks my 32nd birthday, what does it mean for me to turn 32 as a 2006 Vanier alumna who is now back to Germany, and to contribute to “The Insider” once more? Looking back at the 32 years of my life, I realise I am no longer in my twenties. In my twenties, I…

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The Underground City Features 

The Underground City

Montreal is known for its very cold and unpredictable weather conditions. This past winter, Montreal was hit with several polar vortexes that brought temperatures of -30°C, leaving everyone desiring to fend off the extreme cold. Luckily, the city has developed ways for its inhabitants to feel comfortable and festive during these harsh weather conditions.   The Underground City of Montreal is one key feature that allows Montrealers to cope in the wintertime. In Downtown Montreal, one can travel 33 kilometres of underground city corridors where about 500,000 people pass every…

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Vanier Alumni Steven Abadi Joins “La Voix” Vanier Alumni 

Vanier Alumni Steven Abadi Joins “La Voix”

The 21 year old Vanier College Alumni, Steven Abadi, auditioned for the seventh season of La Voix aired on TVA. Steven sang “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and was able to make Marc Dupré’s seat turn just few seconds before the song ended. Steven was nine years old when he realized that he has a beautiful voice. He recalled that at summer camp someone heard him singing, which then led him to sing in front of 800 people at the camps’ general assembly in the morning. Steven says singing at…

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Radical Reviews: Rosa Luxemburg’s “Reform or Revolution” Voices 

Radical Reviews: Rosa Luxemburg’s “Reform or Revolution”

A Letter to the Democratic Socialist   Dear democratic socialist, There is no doubt your popularity has helped to spread the Left’s project. Skepticism towards capitalism and an openness to socialism has increased since your patron saint, Bernard Sanders, came to our attention. It is tempting, under the sway of your philosophy, to believe we only need some tweaks to capitalism until we can fully declare the end of history. I cannot dispute that higher tax rates, free university and healthcare signify true progress. Yet, you believe the problems that…

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Ellen DeGeneres Visits Montreal for a Q & A Session Vanier Alumni 

Ellen DeGeneres Visits Montreal for a Q & A Session

On Friday March 1st, Ellen Degeneres came to the Bell Center in Downtown Montreal to meet her fans and answer questions about her life and career. Weeks before the event, CTV asked Ellen’s fans to send a video of them dancing for a chance to win free tickets for her event titled “A Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres”. Only a few people were supposed to win, but Ellen asked that everyone who sent a video win a ticket, and they did. Virgin Radio Montreal also gave front row tickets to winners…

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