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Venezuela and North America: New Paths Towards Destruction News 

Venezuela and North America: New Paths Towards Destruction

Some time ago, in an address to the UN General Assembly, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez warned of the “destructive capacity” of rising oil usage. The “unstoppable” use of this resource, he said, would soon mean hotter temperatures and harsher natural disasters. Chavez was the leader of a country sitting on the world’s greatest oil-reserves, larger than Saudi Arabia’s, larger than Iran’s. This was 2005. Now, in 2019, oil production may soon be rising in Venezuela, despite old hopes for ecological alternatives. It’s been a matter of weeks since Juan Guaido,…

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Saving the Bees: What’s All the Buzz About? Features 

Saving the Bees: What’s All the Buzz About?

A common childhood fear is that of bees, and, like most things stemming from youth, said fear often follows into adult life. Therefore, the recently popularized phrase, “save the bees”, may spur up confusion with many asking why it is so important to protect such seemingly menacing creatures. However, we do not give bees credit for all of the work that they do in everyday life. Bees are known to be the world’s most efficient and effective pollinators. While travelling from plant to plant in search of nectar, they carry…

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No Pipelines, but no Progress Either News 

No Pipelines, but no Progress Either

Quebec is falling behind on its desired targets for reducing CO2 emissions, a recent article in Le Devoir highlights. Despite some $2 billion in funding, the ministry of sustainable government has only been able to bring down emissions to 98% of what they were 5 years ago. That is to say, there has been a 2% reduction in emissions. This 2% represents roughly 1.8 million tons of CO2. To put that in perspective, the Port-Daniel cement manufacturing plant in Gaspésie emits this many tons alone. The Legault administration has already…

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People of Vanier: Say Hello To Michael Unger Campus 

People of Vanier: Say Hello To Michael Unger

The following is an interview with the Vanier library clerk Michael Unger.   S: First question. What made you want to work in the library?   M: […] I did a stage, I worked some casual hours here and there. Eventually I was working part-time, then I applied to be permanent full-time.   S: Interesting. The next question is, what kind of literature interests you?   M: Oh, I like the old stuff. Literature from the 19th century, like Charles Dickens, Dostoyevsky, stuff like that. Some of the Russian literature,…

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Black Artists At Vanier Arts Campus 

Black Artists At Vanier

Happy Black History Month! This is a month that was made to look back on the great people that paved the way for us, but also to appreciate our current black kings and queens! The talented and amazing up and coming black artists that are featured in this article make this blessed month even more of a celebration. Interviewed in this piece are students from the Communications program here at Vanier. I am a Communications student myself (@Ari_Kiara), and I can proudly say that in the program we are like…

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Viola Desmond: The Canadian Businesswoman and Her Influence Features 

Viola Desmond: The Canadian Businesswoman and Her Influence

Viola Desmond, born and raised in Halifax, was a successful business woman and entrepreneur in the beauty salon industry. The former school teacher had always wanted to open her own hairdressing business, however many beauty schools denied admission to Black women. She then travelled from city to city for courses until she finally obtained her diploma in hairdressing in Atlantic City. In 1937, Desmond began Vi’s Studio of Beauty Culture, where she provided hair and cosmetic services to racially-mixed clientele in Halifax. After much success in a few years, she…

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Radical Histories: Consciousness Reacts Features 

Radical Histories: Consciousness Reacts

As Malcolm X lost his perfect vision, straining his eyes to read through prison nights, he learnt the history of blacks in America. I have read his autobiography and it is clear that among its cardinal desire is to make a point on history. History, Malcolm X insisted, had been hidden from African Americans, left out of textbooks and public discussion. He knew that if it was only torn from the shadows and the stories of African civilization and the slave-trade exposed, there would certainly be revolution. “If you find…

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Valentine’s Day Contest 2019 – 1st Place Winner Arts 

Valentine’s Day Contest 2019 – 1st Place Winner

Little Steps To The Beat     “Wow, he sucks.” “What are you talking about?” “That guy was clearly open to score a three point, but nope. Kendrick thought he could score when four people are blocking him.” “Like you would’ve done that?” “Uhm, I always pass the ball.” “Oh, really? How many passes you made last game?” “Come on, they didn’t want to pass me the ball, so why should I?” “All you needed was time to be recognized. You didn’t listen and look what happened,” she scolded me…

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Valentine’s Day Contest 2019 – 3rd Place Winner Arts 

Valentine’s Day Contest 2019 – 3rd Place Winner

Life is too short to dwell over losers s s He broke your heart? Sew it back together. He ghosted you? Act like he was never there. She rejected you? You dodged a bullet. She’s sending you mixed signals? Change the channel. They never text you first? They aren’t worth your time. “Easier said than done.” Not really, though. Once you face the truth, Instead of believing in the lies, You can stop wasting your time, And move onto someone worth it. s s Poem by: Sophie Dufresne

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