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No Pipelines, but no Progress Either News 

No Pipelines, but no Progress Either

Quebec is falling behind on its desired targets for reducing CO2 emissions, a recent article in Le Devoir highlights.

Despite some $2 billion in funding, the ministry of sustainable government has only been able to bring down emissions to 98% of what they were 5 years ago. That is to say, there has been a 2% reduction in emissions.

This 2% represents roughly 1.8 million tons of CO2. To put that in perspective, the Port-Daniel cement manufacturing plant in Gaspésie emits this many tons alone.

The Legault administration has already admitted that by 2020 we will not have reached our goal to bring emissions below 20% of those of 1990. Furthermore, the administration has not aspired to reduce emissions to the EU’s conservative promise of 40% by 2030.

It is right to doubt that the CAQ will make any revolutionary changes to offset their predecessor’s inadequacies. As a report from leading environmental organizations made clear during election season, the CAQ has the worst environmental agenda of all four major parties.

Warming temperatures are currently contributing to the extinction of 40% of the world’s insect population and oceans are heating 40% faster than we thought 5 years ago.

With such risks at play, meeting our government’s inaction will require an organized movement. One should commend the recent decision of Montreal University Students who have been organizing in large numbers to strike over climate change.


Written by: Samuel Helguero


Image: Yvon Monette/Facebook

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