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Ellen DeGeneres Visits Montreal for a Q & A Session Vanier Alumni 

Ellen DeGeneres Visits Montreal for a Q & A Session

On Friday March 1st, Ellen Degeneres came to the Bell Center in Downtown Montreal to meet her fans and answer questions about her life and career.

Weeks before the event, CTV asked Ellen’s fans to send a video of them dancing for a chance to win free tickets for her event titled “A Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres”. Only a few people were supposed to win, but Ellen asked that everyone who sent a video win a ticket, and they did.

Virgin Radio Montreal also gave front row tickets to winners who sent a text in the morning with Freeway, Natasha and Lee.

The event started at 7:30pm when The Tenors performed on stage. Their performance ended at 8:00pm and that was when Ellen DeGeneres walked on stage carrying a Montreal Canadiens jersey with her name on it. She danced and greeted the moderator of the event, Dave Kelly.

Ellen started speaking a few words in French which amazed the audience and made them laugh. Later, Dave started asking Ellen questions about her childhood in which she answered by saying that she lived in a house that lacked communication, and no one was able to freely express their feelings.

Ellen discussed the difficulties she faced as a closeted gay comedian trying to build her career in a male dominated industry. She also talked about the period when “the phone didn’t ring.” She felt everyone hated her for being her true self. The audience was touched by her story and they applauded her after sensing both the struggle and bravery in what she has been through.

She later talked about her future camp in Rwanda that aims to protect mountain gorillas. After a conversation that lasted over an hour, Ellen’s wife Portia de Rossi appeared on stage and quickly left after waving to the audience.

Finally, Ellen expressed how much she loves Canada and thanked everyone who came to see her.


Written by: Lara Kaafarani

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