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A perfect night Arts 

A perfect night

A soft breeze whispers over the wide lake, Smiling at the cloudless night sky.   It was a perfect night: Countless stars filled the air, Surrounding the trees and overflowing into the night.   A shooting star: symbol of false hope A satellite: the impostor among the cosmic objects A plane: pollution in the night sky A planet: seemingly brighter than the stars, they reflect what they have not.   The Universe is grander than the collectivity of every man’s dreams and realizations, Yet mankind tends to see itself as…

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Another Ink Arts 

Another Ink

We cried over spilled ink That pooled into the ridges of parchment, Which held words we wished were made Of the same gold as the sun’s rays. We desired to melt it down, To pour it into an inkwell, That we’d nearly fill to-the-brim, To store it, So, like idiots, we could use it To write of the silver lining That remained.   Written by: Fin

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Petals Arts 


With the colours, That my flowered words provide, I paint a picture, Upon your blank slate. Let it be so, That when your slate has been vandalized, With words of wilt, You lay your eyes to rest. Under your petalled eyelids, Will you then see, The botany of my speech.   Poem by: Valentina Tsilimidos

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The Offer Vanier Alumni 

The Offer

What Does Introspection mean to you? What? For me, it means being aware of my own feelings towards my Self. Stars. It is those fleeting moments during which I view my Self as an Other. Alien. I sometimes catch my reflection. Sad. Our eyes connect like a constellation. Void. I offer my Self a quick smile. Anxious. The smile is the moment. Heat. I am the smiling moment. Cool. I gaze into the eyes of my Self and my Self, as an Other, gazes back into me. Love.   Written By:…

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Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone Vanier Alumni 

Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone

Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone is my second English book, comprised of a greater variety of writings, when compared to my first one, entitled Flying Moments – A Synopsis by Large, as detailed in the April issue of The Insider. This second book of mine is a collection of short stories, acrostics, edited lyrics of my favourite songs, and much more. Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone is a compilation of writings “for everyone” to read, for it is meant to be an easy read “for anyone”….

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The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism Campus 

The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism

Hey folks, Assistant Editor here! We were running a little scarce on pieces on the subject of education, so we thought we’d go back in the archives, to the old and forgotten pieces of alumni. After leafing through ten or so papers, we thought we’d share the cream of the crop. While these excerpts do not relate directly to education, they highlight the opinions of the educated (smooth, I know). Aside from a plot to kill Jacques Parizeau after the 95′ referendum failed, turns out the best material was commentary…

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Boredom, Happiness, and Suffering: An Idealist’s Education Features 

Boredom, Happiness, and Suffering: An Idealist’s Education

Kirkegaard began with the principle that “all men are bores.” Of course, some men are more boorish than others, and the greatest tyrants and the cruelest nations have pushed history forward with their boredom. Any terrible weapon or horrendous crime has the unmistakable markings of bored and boring men. “Boredom,” Kirkegaard concludes, “is the root of all evil. What is more natural than trying to overcome it?” When we speak of education, we speak of something boring. High school, the old in and out from English to French to Math…

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