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A perfect night Arts 

A perfect night

A soft breeze whispers over the wide lake,

Smiling at the cloudless night sky.


It was a perfect night:

Countless stars filled the air,

Surrounding the trees and overflowing into the night.


A shooting star: symbol of false hope

A satellite: the impostor among the cosmic objects

A plane: pollution in the night sky

A planet: seemingly brighter than the stars, they reflect what they have not.


The Universe is grander than the collectivity of every man’s dreams and realizations,

Yet mankind tends to see itself as the most powerful and important being.

Mankind chooses to focus on trivial matters,

Ignoring what it cannot comprehend,

Without seeking enlightenment.


The Milky Way stretches over the calm lake,

Acting as a weak barrier that lets darkness seep through.


The void between the stars represents what is unbeknownst to mankind,

What we may discover if we seek the knowledge,

And what we may ruin, as we ruined our planet.



Poem by: Sophie Dufresne.

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