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Jordan Schlansky: A Man with Various Responsibilities Entertainment 

Jordan Schlansky: A Man with Various Responsibilities

Jordan Schlansky is an associate producer on the Conan show. The man is a cunning fake Italian, best known for his many remotes and human-like nature. When speaking to Jordan, one will immediately notice his dead eyes, and vast knowledge. He can and will converse to you for hours on various subjects including but not limited to, food, Italy, Star Wars and, The Norelco Bodygroom. Conan O’Brien, the biggest star in America, has made it his quest to determine what Jordan does on the show. In Conan’s adventures thus far,…

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The Need For Strict and Aggressive Library Fines Campus 

The Need For Strict and Aggressive Library Fines

Justice is always uncomfortable for criminals. However, to keep a society of order, it is necessary that this justice is carried out with courage. When justice seems fragile, uncertain, and self-questioning, the criminal wins. They no longer have to fear. If you are looking for an example, our library is an excellent illustration of an institution that has become incapable of executing justice.   Recently, I have been doing research on Dostoevsky and have run into trouble finding an essential book. The Cambridge Introduction to Russian Literature contains many important…

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The Castrating Call of Library Fines Campus 

The Castrating Call of Library Fines

There are times when the exercise of authority becomes excessive, terrifying, and incomprehensible. I have come face to face with this authority. I have been charged $13.50 for a computer returned an hour and thirty minutes past due. There is, of course, nothing wrong with library fines. In a school with our scope, it is difficult to expect every item could be returned promptly without a disincentive against delays. In the absence of a disincentive, there is the frustration of constant scarcity, of empty shelves. However, having justified a fine,…

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The Gardening Begins Anew Campus 

The Gardening Begins Anew

Craving a relaxing outdoor activity to de-stress during the final weeks of the semester? The Vanier Collective Gardens are the perfect place to go! Located between the N building and D building and in front of the sports complex, you’ve probably passed by and wondered what these spaces are for. It is in fact the Vanier gardens, and all are invited to help out, pick a carrot or some lettuce, or to go and just to smell the flowers! Gardening sessions are starting now, and all are welcome to get…

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Sports In Montreal Sports 

Sports In Montreal

Since 1909, sports have become a great part of Montreal’s heritage. It all began with the Montreal Canadiens in the National Hockey League (NHL), followed by the founding of the Montreal Expos in 1969. What followed was the implementation of an abundance of centres and parks for various sports: the Taz for skateboarding, the Saputo Stadium for soccer, race tracks for the Grand Prix and F1 races, Jarry Park for basketball, tennis, and baseball, and so many more.   The urban impact of sports in Montreal has only grown over…

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Montreal’s Air Pollution News 

Montreal’s Air Pollution

Is Montreal’s air pollution truly a problem? The Service De L’Environnement’s most recent Montreal air quality report, which came out in 2017, indicates that the city’s air quality is most often, medically insignificant or tolerable by the general population. Does the lack of a direct perceivable effect on the population’s health mean there isn’t a problem? No, it does not. And while there isn’t an immediate consequence, the city’s public health agency states that about 1500 citizens die yearly of complications because of our air pollution. Canada continues to warm…

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The Climate Fight: Despairs and Hopes Vanier Alumni 

The Climate Fight: Despairs and Hopes

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Our global temperature is rising as we continue to emit large quantities of greenhouse gases. Our planet’s resources are being overexploited and depleted. Our wildlife is dying, and our ecosystem is being polluted. Over the course of a couple of centuries, human activity has caused irreparable damages to our planet, and it will continue to get worse if society doesn’t act to change its ways.   Governments around the world are being called to join the fight against climate change…

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Blame Climate Change For Montreal Flooding News 

Blame Climate Change For Montreal Flooding

Major floods have been occurring across the province over the past couple of weeks. Thousands of homes have been damaged, forcing over ten thousand people to leave their homes as of May 29th. Bridges and roads have become inundated, and 3000 people have been cut off from their communities. In Montreal, a total of 55 residences were completely evacuated, and 94 homes were flooded. Until last Thursday afternoon, Montreal was put under a state of emergency. In response to the record-breaking floods, emergency responders and volunteers have been working hard…

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