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The Gardening Begins Anew Campus 

The Gardening Begins Anew

Craving a relaxing outdoor activity to de-stress during the final weeks of the semester? The Vanier Collective Gardens are the perfect place to go!

Located between the N building and D building and in front of the sports complex, you’ve probably passed by and wondered what these spaces are for. It is in fact the Vanier gardens, and all are invited to help out, pick a carrot or some lettuce, or to go and just to smell the flowers!

Gardening sessions are starting now, and all are welcome to get involved. No prior skills required!

You can get updates for when and where future gardening sessions will happen by checking the Vanier College Collective Gardens Facebook group. If you have any questions about the Vanier gardens, do not hesitate to MIO the coordinator of the Vanier Gardens Myriam Mansour.


Written by: India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner

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