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Jordan Schlansky: A Man with Various Responsibilities Entertainment 

Jordan Schlansky: A Man with Various Responsibilities

Jordan Schlansky is an associate producer on the Conan show. The man is a cunning fake Italian, best known for his many remotes and human-like nature.

When speaking to Jordan, one will immediately notice his dead eyes, and vast knowledge. He can and will converse to you for hours on various subjects including but not limited to, food, Italy, Star Wars and, The Norelco Bodygroom.

Conan O’Brien, the biggest star in America, has made it his quest to determine what Jordan does on the show. In Conan’s adventures thus far, he has discovered that even his fellow employees do not know what Jordan does. For instance, during Conan’s performance reviews, everyone he talked to named Jordan as non-essential, saying that all he does is refill his Brita.

Despite Jordan’s strange nature, we mustn’t look down on him.  Jordan is a deeply emotional man. He can be moved to tears by not only sunlight, but the discovery of a defect on his body groomer.

Like the hundreds of viewers who watch Conan’s show, I wish to discover the truth about Jordan’s job. If you too wish to find out more about Jordan, you can find him and his many adventures with Conan on YouTube.


Written by: Luca Farruggia

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