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Zen 3 Launch and Zen History in Relation to Intel. Voices 

Zen 3 Launch and Zen History in Relation to Intel.

  (This article is for people who are already familiar with the basics of CPU’s. If you are not familiar, it may be challenging to understand.)   AMD, one of the largest tech companies, has recently unveiled their new CPU’s, which are based on the revised zen 2 architecture and have completely obliterated their biggest competitor, Intel. Ever since zen 1 came out, AMD has been getting better and better with every revision; zen 1 came out with more cores for less than the competition, but that did not mean…

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The iPhone 12 leaves much to be desired Voices 

The iPhone 12 leaves much to be desired

With the advent of the a14 chip and the new iPhone 12, you would expect leaps in performance, innovations, and an all-around better product than last years. But what we have seen in the last few days is none of the above. For starters, the improvements with the a14 chip is a negligible increase in graphics processing speed. Also, even though it is based on a 5nm topography, the efficiency has not gone up! This is truly disappointing because the primary reason for shrinking the dye size is for increased…

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Don’t buy a MacBook yet! News 

Don’t buy a MacBook yet!

If you were thinking of buying a MacBook, maybe consider waiting. Apple has some big plans in store for the near future that will make your shiny new MacBook obsolete. Since 2007, Apple has had an all intel-based lineup of macs. This means that the processor inside was manufactured by Intel, and, up until 5 years ago, it has been great for Apple. However, in recent years, Intel’s processors have been very unsatisfying. The 2018 MacBook pro-15-inch core I9 was supposed to be a workhorse of a laptop, but Intel…

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The Technological Era Voices 

The Technological Era

In the last couple of months, our world turned upside down. Not only pandemic speaking, but also as a society; social equality revendications are at their high all around the globe. Another major event is also occurring right now, yet it looks like nobody is giving it enough attention. Before this drastic year, cyberspace was gaining territory in our lives. Today, in September 2020, it has taken a whole new turn. Quarantine has brought a totally new dimension of cyberspace. Technology is everywhere: online classes; remote working; doing video conferences…

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Technology and A Message from Dwight Schrute Features 

Technology and A Message from Dwight Schrute

In one episode of The Office, the paper company of Dunder Mifflin just launches its online website where its customers can purchase reams of paper without the need of “the personal touch of a salesman.” One of the main characters, Dwight Schrute, is arguably the top salesman of the company. As a preview of what his character entails, he describes himself as such: “Three words: hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer, merciless, insatiable…”   Dwight goes on to challenge himself in selling more reams of paper in one workday than the online…

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