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The iPhone 12 leaves much to be desired Voices 

The iPhone 12 leaves much to be desired

With the advent of the a14 chip and the new iPhone 12, you would expect leaps in performance, innovations, and an all-around better product than last years. But what we have seen in the last few days is none of the above.

For starters, the improvements with the a14 chip is a negligible increase in graphics processing speed. Also, even though it is based on a 5nm topography, the efficiency has not gone up! This is truly disappointing because the primary reason for shrinking the dye size is for increased power efficiency, and when we are talking about phones and tablets, you want to have as good of a battery life as possible. 

The new iPhone has no lack of other disappointments. 

Firstly, most upsetting of all is the lack of pro motion. This is Apple’s variable refresh rate that can change the refresh rate from 24 fps, which is good for watching films in their native frame rate, to 120 fps, which offers the viewer a very clean experience when scrolling through an Instagram feed or surfing the web. It does this automatically depending on the task and the battery life. The lack of pro motion was truly upsetting because it was rumored throughout the year to be coming to this phone. 

Next, there is the fact that it no longer comes with a charging brick. This is particularly damaging to people who want to join the Apple ecosystem because they will have to go out of their way to buy a power brick to charge their new 1000$ device. 

This brings me to my next point, the price, and how it has stayed the same. Apple did not send the savings created by this decision down to its consumers. Instead, they defended this decision by saying that the smaller box allows them to pack more efficiently, which would decrease the number of vehicles required to transport the same amount of phones, reducing carbon emissions. 

It looks as though Apple feels they cannot get too many new customers, so they are trying to squeeze every dollar out of their current ones, which is why they figured they did not need to include a charger. 

Finally, the improvements made on the camera leaves much to be desired. 

The regular cameras all stayed the same except for the main one, which got a slightly higher aperture from F/2.0 to F/2.2, meaning each photo is zoomed out slightly compared to last years’ photos. 

The only significant improvement is strictly in one of the 4 new phones and this improvement is just a more major aperture increase on one of the secondary cameras. 

Apple has disappointed this year on the phone side of things, but they have still had plenty of good products, such as the new iPad 8th generation that I hope to write about soon.



By Alex Chneerov and edited by Evan Leask

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