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Why we Went Online Voices 

Why we Went Online

Hello fellow Vanier Students, For those of you who are new to the school and reading this article you may have always thought that the school paper has always been in an online format. For others who have been around since last semester or any of the other previous semesters, you may have participated in the online survey provided by VCSA (Vanier College Student Association). The survey asked students if they had and or were reading the school paper and if they were, would prefer it more in an online…

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Party in the VCSA Campus 

Party in the VCSA

Wednesday, September 2nd, the school’s front lawn flooded with Vanier students, music, games, free t-shirts, and free food in the name of the annual VCSA (Vanier College Students’ Association) Welcome Back Barbecue. Every year, the VCSA kick starts the autumn semester by spoiling the VCSA members (essentially, the entire student body) with hot dogs from the Vanier-renowned restaurant, Decarie Hot Dog, as well as with free, custom-designed Vanier t-shirts. The lines these giveaways create seem endless at most VCSA events, but, as usual, they moved quickly during the barbecue.  …

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How Green is Vanier? Campus 

How Green is Vanier?

Have you ever wondered what our school’s impact is on the environment? If so, then you’ll be excited to find out the results of Vanier’s most recent environmental assessment. Every 5 years, an assessment of Vanier’s environmental footprint is determined by a team of dedicated staff members, with 2010 marking the CEGEP’s first ever environmental assessment. The team evaluates Vanier’s environmental footprint in several regards, and a chapter is dedicated to evaluating all issues related to the footprint of the campus. Some chapters include one on energy and water consumption,…

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Best Movies for Back-to-School Entertainment 

Best Movies for Back-to-School

Though the summer has come to an end, and it may feel like your freedom and amusement has gone with it, it is always a good idea to take a couple of hours every day, for yourself, to simply unwind. To do so, there is virtually no better way, than to watch a movie. Movies are beautiful pieces of art that can take you to a different time or place, stopping you from remembering that you have returned to your dreaded classes. That being said, not just any movie will…

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My First Day at Vanier and the Lessons I Learned Uncategorized Voices 

My First Day at Vanier and the Lessons I Learned

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not do well in new environments, and Vanier was no different. My first day at Vanier was terrifying. Actually, the whole week leading up to it was terrifying. I remember going to Bureau en Gros and spending an hour buying folders and labels and pens, and making sure everything was color coordinated. I remember spending even longer agonizing about what I was going to wear (will everyone be in leggings and sweatpants or skirts and dresses?) I even spent a day staring…

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Five Reasons to Get Involved This Semester Voices 

Five Reasons to Get Involved This Semester

Five Reasons to Get Involved This Semester Student life here at Vanier is bursting with opportunities to get in touch with the college’s community, and to make a difference (both within the school and in one’s own Vanier experience). However, with the time table a typical college student keeps, it may seem beyond impossible to fit in a moment for extra-curricular activities. As a writer for the VCSA Insider, let me reassure you that it is absolutely doable. Here’s why you should consider “getting involved” among your priorities this semester:…

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College Life: First Semester Voices 

College Life: First Semester

I am a person of fair hesitation. I can be indecisive. I exercise great caution. My past defined me as a person of strength, intelligence, and preparation. I was, or maybe I still am, competitive, ambitious, and energetic. Even in rougher times, I held fast to my character, I had my eyes and my ambition glued to my future plans and education; steadfast, scholarship-seeking soldier. Finishing high school was emotionally challenging and frustrating for me, but I glided through it anyway, heading straight towards the giant pool that represents college…

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5 Things to Know About College Classroom Etiquette Voices 

5 Things to Know About College Classroom Etiquette

Hello newcomers! I’m sure you’ve already noticed the big changes since your transition from High School to our very welcoming Vanier College. For all the students, rowdy or quiet, I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips with you, to help you out in the classroom. Alright, let’s get started. 1) First thing’s first. You don’t need to raise your hand to excuse yourself for a drink of water or to relieve yourself. Unless the teacher states otherwise, either in their outline distributed through Omnivox or…

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Documentary Arts 


You’re leaning back into the comfort of your favorite couch, the one that’s perfectly molded to your backside. Your head is resting to the side as images flash across your face. The room is dark and you are absorbed in the intensity that is the muse in front of you. Information is being thrown in your direction and you’re taking it all in greedily, your eyes begging for more; the tips of your fingers reaching out to hold onto whatever bits and pieces you can grab. Your body is aching…

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