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Vanier Holocaust Commemoration: What Have We Learned? Campus 

Vanier Holocaust Commemoration: What Have We Learned?

“The World has not changed enough.” That’s what Ziv Nevo Kulman, the Israeli Consul General, told the small audience gathered in Vanier’s conference room for the college’s 24th annual Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony. Several distinguished guests made an appearance on the 13th of April, including Mr. Kulman, representatives from Germany and Austria, as well as several first and second-generation Holocaust survivors. The theme of the ceremony, and of Vanier’s Holocaust Symposium Week, was “Fear of the Other”, a theme which was frequently connected to current events around the world. Perhaps a…

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“I’m just the Cow”: An interview with the Cast of Vanier’s Into the Woods Entertainment 

“I’m just the Cow”: An interview with the Cast of Vanier’s Into the Woods

  It was a grueling, stressful, unimaginably difficult 8 months of rehearsing, but Vanier’s Music Department has finally completed its three night run of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods. The two-and-a-half hour-long musical production is Sondheim’s love letter to the classic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault, weaving an intricate narrative from the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Cinderella. Unfortunately, the fairy tale aspect of the musical ends with the story, as the music itself is a challenge even for…

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Battle of The Bands: Bringing Vanier Together  News 

Battle of The Bands: Bringing Vanier Together 

On March 5, our fellow Cheetahs took the stage and made it their own at the Crowley Art Center. The 2016 Battle of the Bands fundraiser showcased 7 different bands varying from punk to jazz, all aiming to raise money and awareness for the Symposium on the Holocaust and Genocide Prevention at Vanier College. Those musical chops even impressed Paul Karwatski (CTV News, Montreal) who said he would definitely be promoting the event to people that he knows. This event was a testament to the collaborative spirit of Vanier: from…

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The Squirrel Struggle is Real Campus 

The Squirrel Struggle is Real

Vanier College is growing itself a green thumb. Actually, make that plural – more than one hand is responsible for the success of the Vanier Collective Gardens. The gardens really began to sprout around campus two years ago, and have since flourished to the point of being considered “a part of Vanier’s educational landscape and educational worth” and of gaining recognition from the city of Montreal, says Myriam Mansour, Sustainability Major Coordinater and leader of the garden project. Mansour’s enthusiasm about the future of this endeavor is contagious, especially when…

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Come On, Canada! Sports 

Come On, Canada!

  As most of you know, there are currently seven Canadian professional hockey teams in the National Hokey League. The cities having these corresponding teams are Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto for the Eastern division and Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver for the Western Division. This year, for the second time since the 1969-70 NHL season, none of these Canadian teams have managed to make the playoffs, which is quite frustrating and disappointing because hockey is Canada’s sport. The last time that no Canadian team made the playoffs, there were only two…

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Private Garbage Collection Voices 

Private Garbage Collection

Many people are concerned with pollution and recycling, as evidenced by the endless supply of recycling bins we can see these days. Signs asking people to recycle more and more things are put up just about everywhere. This concern largely comes from the fact that many people are increasingly worried about the gross amount of waste continuously produced by humans. However, efforts to socially pressure one another into recycling everything yield very underwhelming results because too many of us simply don’t see any immediate personal benefit by doing it. An…

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BDS McGill; Divisive Dogma, and a Reversal of Conclusions Voices 

BDS McGill; Divisive Dogma, and a Reversal of Conclusions

February of this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government endorsed a motion put forth by the Conservatives which condemns the BDS movement (boycotts, divestments and sanctions against the state of Israel). When Parliament voted, the motion passed by a landslide, with 229 votes in favour and 51 against. Meanwhile, the McGill University general assembly was having a vote of its own regarding BDS, only with emphatically different results. BDS McGill, a grassroots student movement put forth a motion in favour of boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel;…

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Azur Arts 


Watching you speeding off, A caterpillar faster than a centipede. Listening to your announcements, A bionic woman known to Man. Feeling your trembling body, The rumble of a rocket’s take-off. Smelling your new, fresh fragrance, A pine tree hanging in a car. Tasting innovation, Tomorrow is today, Today is tomorrow. Written By: Katherine Willcocks April 2016

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Me and Seven Billion Others Voices 

Me and Seven Billion Others

While the human race began more than six million years ago, civilization and the development of cities have only existed for around six thousand years, and thenceforth humanity has created a series of group-level conflicts.  Regardless of small tribes and clan battles that have been in existence since humankind was born, the world has borne witness to at least 3000 wars in the last 3700 years, with roots often tied to ideological changes. Religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and many other categories could define the way of living of a whole society,…

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Was it truly the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world? One of the most anticipated films of the year has finally been released in theatres worldwide. Starring the Dark Knight himself and the Man of Steel alongside many other counterparts so vital to the DC Comics Universe. Director Zack Snyder was put in charge of bringing to life one of the most violent and grim tales of the DC story arcs, but did it truly pay off? Firstly, let’s bring up our (other) favorite billionaire playboy philanthropist;…

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