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Sacred Geometry: The Hidden Science of the Universe Campus 

Sacred Geometry: The Hidden Science of the Universe

Imagine a world in which everything—from the music we listen to, to the buildings we live in, to the scientific concepts we study—comes from one single source: a geometrical shape. Hard to believe? Think again: that’s exactly what sacred geometry is all about. It’s a topic that Vanier student Tara Santavicca has had a keen interest in for a while now—and she decided to share it with the Vanier community. On Thursday, March 24th, the young Science student held a talk at the auditorium, entitled “Sacred Geometry: The Framework to…

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Adrift Arts 


Yesterday’s music really helped me. I feel well-rested today, and I’m ready to get to work. The classroom was empty; I’m the only one here. Through the windows, I could see many budding plants outdoors. It was late afternoon outside, but in my mind the day was just getting started. As the sun anxiously awaited its departure over the horizon, I was feverishly regarding a horizon of my very own. This horizon of mine made me feel euphoric. Something kept gnawing at my self-awareness, however, I was adrift within contemplation, and…

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Veganism is Spreading into Vanier Campus 

Veganism is Spreading into Vanier

There is a new vegan breeze spreading into Vanier as the second week of March is rich in vegan-related activity. Co-occuring with the women’s week, Richard Dugas, Vanier College sustainability officer; Yulia Yugay, main organizer; and Serena Ghougassian, sustainability coordinator for the VCSA, along with other volunteers, worked hard to offer students a Vegan Challenge and speakers, with the hope of spreading awareness on animal rights. The Vegan Challenge consisted to abstain from animal produce from approximately the 6th march, till the 12th. The goals of the event were to…

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Could This Be the Paragon of MOBAs? Entertainment 

Could This Be the Paragon of MOBAs?

  A new third-person MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is currently in the works for both PS4 and PC, and I was lucky enough to get my eager hands on an early access Founder’s Pack. The game in question is none other than Epic Games’ Paragon. Epic Games is a gloriously beloved company responsible for the creation of Unreal Engine, a software used to create hyper realistic-looking games. They have also produced various popular games such as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and Infinity Blade. All that said, there is…

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The Illustrious One Sports 

The Illustrious One

  Jaromir Jagr has been around for quite a while now in the National Hockey League. He is currently 44 years of age and continues to prove many analysts wrong by constantly performing for his current team the Florida Panthers. Jagr was drafted fifth overall in the first round of the 1990 NHL draft. He was the youngest player to ever play in this hockey league at the age of 18 years old. Obviously, in today’s game, playing at 18 years old isn’t as incredible as when Jagr started, but…

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Science Week – Pluto: To be, then not to be, a Planet News 

Science Week – Pluto: To be, then not to be, a Planet

Remember learning the names of the nine planets of the solar system back in elementary school? Did you memorize them with the phrase “Man Very Early Makes Jars Stand Up Nearly Perpendicular”? You may not be that old yet, but things have already changed. Since 2006, children are taught that “Man Very Early Makes Jars Stand Up Neatly”. Science advances at alarming rates, and Generation Y is no stranger to technology and innovation. 90’s babies have lived through change at a quicker pace than any other generation. In the first…

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Walls, Emails and A Bad Hair Day: The 2016 American Presidential Elections are a Joke Voices 

Walls, Emails and A Bad Hair Day: The 2016 American Presidential Elections are a Joke

With the current President, Barack Obama, ending his final year as leader of The Land of The Free, the elections are just around the corner, and I believe that there has never been an election quite like it. From childish, racist insults and false accusations to comparing penile length and girth, this year’s presidential elections have morphed into what seems to be a Reality TV Show. Whatever is the most offensive or ‘’politically incorrect’’ is what gets the most attention. We are bombarded with sound bites and video clips of…

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Active Learning: A Negotiation Game Features 

Active Learning: A Negotiation Game

Forget the silver spoon in a baby’s mouth. It seems that some kids these days are born with the newest iPhone glued to their ear. Life is changing, and children are adjusting rapidly – often learning to play with  cellphone apps before even attending kindergarten. The world has become increasingly technologically focused, and educators everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, integrating electronic devices into their classroom exercises.  Québec is certainly no exception – Ville Saint-Laurent’s very own Affordance Studio is proving that, with their new language game, Ready to Negotiate….

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The Algerian Democracy: Myth or Reality? Voices 

The Algerian Democracy: Myth or Reality?

I’ve always wondered why Algeria bears the official name, “People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria,” when the only democratic thing about the country is, well, its official appellation. In fact, the Democracy Index of 2014 classifies the regime as authoritarian, while the Freedom of the Press 2015 report assessed the country to be “Not Free.” Democratic? Yeah, right. It is not unknown either that corruption reeks from every rank of the country’s government and administration, nor that the laws are often—if not always—amended in a way to benefit a few, to…

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Strength in the Spotlight: Feminism in the Limelight Campus 

Strength in the Spotlight: Feminism in the Limelight

The F-word could be heard all over Vanier – all over the world, in fact – during the Week of March 7th. Not the usual F-word of course (although that one too was likely used often within the halls of the college as students received their midterm grades). Feminism was the word of interest throughout the week, as countries across the globe celebrated International Women’s Day. Naturally, Vanier took part in the movement, hosting its annual Women’s Rights Symposium, this year called Defying Categories. Thursday morning, both presentations discussed various…

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