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Montreal Annual Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women News 

Montreal Annual Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women

While the mood this Sunday will revolve around cheap chocolates and promises of love, an atmosphere of respect and mourning will most likely be felt in Downtown Montreal. Indeed, this Valentine’s Day, hundreds of people are expected to gather at the St-Laurent metro station for Montreal’s 7th Annual Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women. This march will honor the lives of hundreds of Native American women who have disappeared or have been murdered in the past few decades. The first march of this sort was held in Vancouver in…

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Gender Neutral Washrooms Open at Vanier News 

Gender Neutral Washrooms Open at Vanier

“For [Vanier], this is an assembly of freedom, of possibility for each and everyone to be able to express oneself without fear of criticism because of religion, birthplace, nationality, gender, or language”, Normand Bernier, Vanier’s Director General, states as he explains the importance of celebrating the opening of the new gender-neutral washrooms on campus. At the press conference on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, Bernier elaborates on this accomplishment, noting that everybody can, at one point or another, fall victim of verbal or physical violence, and intimidation due merely to the…

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A Helping Hand from Vanier Campus 

A Helping Hand from Vanier

It’s easy to share a photo or video on Facebook about the plight of Syrian refugees, but what good does it do for the refugees themselves? Maggie McDonnell, an English teacher at Vanier, who had been active on Facebook regarding the issue of Syrian refugees decided to take it one step further. “I got to a point where I realized I can’t keep sharing these photos and saying this is terrible,” she said, “I wanted to do something”. She soon expressed her ideas with some other colleges, and sent an…

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The Tropics: Opportunities and Challenges Campus 

The Tropics: Opportunities and Challenges

Vanier College is known for its amazing programs and courses. The college is continuously updating the courses offered on campus, and one of the newest ones is the universal complimentary course titled “The Tropics: Opportunities and Challenges – An Exploration of Human-Environment Relationships in Belize”. The teachers of the class for the Winter 2016 semester, the first semester that it is being given, are Myriam Mansour (Geography, Coordinator of the Sustainability Major) and Quentin Van Ginhoven (Coordinator of the Environmental and Wildlife Management program, and chaperone for the trip to…

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Our Country’s Good – Review Entertainment 

Our Country’s Good – Review

In the 1780’s, most people in Britain were not willing to give up their daily comforts to embark on a lengthy, trying journey to some far away colony to start a new, rough life. Not everyone had the free will to be able to refuse to participate in British colonization. In fact, Britain sent convicts to New South Wales (among other colonies) to serve as pioneers. This was also an attempt to eradicate the lower class of criminals from British cities. In “Our Country’s Good”, a play adapted from the…

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How to Make a Cold Day in the City a Little Warmer Voices 

How to Make a Cold Day in the City a Little Warmer

Whether you’re looking forward to hitting the slopes or cringing at the thought of trudging all the way out to the N building this semester, here are a few tips on warming up your heart on a cold winter day in Montreal. Dress appropriately Sounds obvious, right? Consider the number of teens you saw during your morning commute this morning wearing a skirt or ripped jeans, and think again. There are two choices during the winter: wear a proper coat (and scarf, and mittens, and hat – when necessary), or…

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Dancing for the Kids News 

Dancing for the Kids

This year, February 2nd marks the 10th anniversary of the Just for Kids Foundation’s Dancing with the Stars fundraiser. This year’s goal is bigger than ever as they try to hit the $500,000 mark in order to purchase high priority medical equipment for the departments of Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Cranio-Facial Surgery and the NICU. Every year Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) gets bigger and better, always with the hope of giving as much money as possible to the Montreal Children’s hospital. Inexperienced pillars of our community join forces with professional dancers…

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