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How to Make a Cold Day in the City a Little Warmer Voices 

How to Make a Cold Day in the City a Little Warmer

Whether you’re looking forward to hitting the slopes or cringing at the thought of trudging all the way out to the N building this semester, here are a few tips on warming up your heart on a cold winter day in Montreal.

  1. Dress appropriately
    Sounds obvious, right? Consider the number of teens you saw during your morning commute this morning wearing a skirt or ripped jeans, and think again. There are two choices during the winter: wear a proper coat (and scarf, and mittens, and hat – when necessary), or dress however you’d like, but don’t complain when Jack Frost nips through your pantyhose.
  2. Be warmer
    Another obvious point, you say? You must be reading into it the wrong way. Try to show a warmer side of yourself; be friendly. Say “Good day” to the person handing out newspapers in the freezing cold outside the metro station – even if you don’t take a newspaper. It’s amazing how much this can brighten up both your day and theirs.
  3. Listen to the symphony
    No, not the musical kind. Pay attention to the improvised symphony of zippers being zipped as the metro pulls into an end-of-the-line station. Watch as everyone comes together in preparing themselves to face their common enemy; the cold of the great outdoors. Watch as the woman sitting diagonally from you wraps her long scarf around her neck four times, while the woman beside you wraps her wide scarf around her neck, chin, and ears, turning it into a makeshift hat. Be aware of the man standing in front of the doors, as he pulls his hood up and zips up his coat before the train has even begun to slow down. Take in the man seated in front of you, as he snaps shut the top snaps of his jacket, then proceeds to pull thin black gloves overs his fingers, carefully; the way a child would. Open your eyes to how ridiculous it is that all these people seem ready to face a snowstorm as soon as the metro train’s doors open, even though they still have two flights of escalators and a hallway to cross before running into temperatures that are below zero. Sit back, and watch this odd phenomenon. Observe it instead of taking part in it, and reflect on it. It will likely make you smile, warming up your day through a simple thought.

Written By: Katherine Willcocks

Originally Published: February 2016

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