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Active Learning: A Negotiation Game Features 

Active Learning: A Negotiation Game

Forget the silver spoon in a baby’s mouth. It seems that some kids these days are born with the newest iPhone glued to their ear. Life is changing, and children are adjusting rapidly – often learning to play with  cellphone apps before even attending kindergarten. The world has become increasingly technologically focused, and educators everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, integrating electronic devices into their classroom exercises.  Québec is certainly no exception – Ville Saint-Laurent’s very own Affordance Studio is proving that, with their new language game, Ready to Negotiate….

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The Algerian Democracy: Myth or Reality? Voices 

The Algerian Democracy: Myth or Reality?

I’ve always wondered why Algeria bears the official name, “People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria,” when the only democratic thing about the country is, well, its official appellation. In fact, the Democracy Index of 2014 classifies the regime as authoritarian, while the Freedom of the Press 2015 report assessed the country to be “Not Free.” Democratic? Yeah, right. It is not unknown either that corruption reeks from every rank of the country’s government and administration, nor that the laws are often—if not always—amended in a way to benefit a few, to…

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Strength in the Spotlight: Feminism in the Limelight Campus 

Strength in the Spotlight: Feminism in the Limelight

The F-word could be heard all over Vanier – all over the world, in fact – during the Week of March 7th. Not the usual F-word of course (although that one too was likely used often within the halls of the college as students received their midterm grades). Feminism was the word of interest throughout the week, as countries across the globe celebrated International Women’s Day. Naturally, Vanier took part in the movement, hosting its annual Women’s Rights Symposium, this year called Defying Categories. Thursday morning, both presentations discussed various…

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Women’s Week: Three Successful Women Tackle Gender in the Workplace Campus 

Women’s Week: Three Successful Women Tackle Gender in the Workplace

The three women participating in March 9th’s International Women’s Week discussion panel could hardly have been more different from one another. Entitled “Women in the Workforce: Is it Really 2016?”, the event brought together three unique career women; Jennifer Ho, a product manager at L’Oreal’s Montreal office; Nicole Antoine, co-founder of the activism group “Four Brown Girls” and prominent women’s rights and black rights activist; and Lindsay Hollinger, who balances a career as a portfolio manager at Jarislowski Fraser with her role as a mother raising two small children. The…

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Investing Selflessy Voices 

Investing Selflessy

These days, most people fail to see the virtue in simply storing one’s earnings in a savings account. It is sometimes called “hoarding money” and is often seen as selfish, but there is a very strong justification, which, interestingly, is both selfish and altruistic, for putting savings in a simple index fund. The biggest reason behind the high standard of living of western countries, and other rich countries, is the high amount of capital invested in these countries. This capital consists of the accumulated wealth of many people in the…

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Vanier College to Introduce Bridge Program with Bishop’s University in Fall of 2016 News 

Vanier College to Introduce Bridge Program with Bishop’s University in Fall of 2016

Environmentalists, outdoorsmen and women, and aspiring biologists now have one more reason to see Vanier as their number one choice for CEGEP studies. As of Fall 2016, students entering the Environmental and Wildlife Management program, a three-year career program, will have certain CEGEP credits count towards a Bachelor’s degree at Bishop’s University. This new pipeline between the Ville St-Laurent based college and the university in Lennoxville looks to facilitate the academic progression of students in this field. Often, and particularly in the science programs, undergraduates must retake classes that they…

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Can the Montreal Impact Repeat Another Historic Season Sports 

Can the Montreal Impact Repeat Another Historic Season

Coming off of their best season since joining the MLS in 2012, the Montreal Impact will definitely be looking to repeat, and eventually do even more, damage than they did last year. With the arrival of great young talent coming out of the Super Draft, the likes of Michael Salazar and Kyle Fisher; the acquisitions of amazing young talent, like Lucas Ontivero and Harry Shipp; the stars deciding to stay and play another year, like Laurent Ciman, Marco Donadel, Victor Cabrera, Ignacio Piatti and of course the one and only,…

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Women’s Week: Gold-Medal Olympian at Vanier Campus 

Women’s Week: Gold-Medal Olympian at Vanier

A number of Vanier students can now boast about having held an Olympic gold medal in their hands, thanks to Caroline Ouellette’s inspiring visit to Vanier in honour of International Women’s Week. Ouellette has participated in the last four Winter Olympics, bringing home four gold medals with the national hockey team – the most recent of which, won in Sochi in 2014, was earned while she was captain. She is also a player for the Canadiennes (formerly the Montreal Stars), a professional-level team on the NWHL. Her talk aimed to…

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The Misunderstood Green-Eyed Monster Voices 

The Misunderstood Green-Eyed Monster

Valentine’s Day is over and the coast is clear enough to air out all of that bitterness that some folks might be feeling, without running the risk of being called petty for it. It’s a good thing though! Jealousy is an emotion that is often overlooked and dismissed as being juvenile, and it is rarely ever afforded the same wariness that we give anger and sadness as far as mental health issues go. Jealousy is as valid a feeling as any other, and it is about time that the conversation…

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