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Vanier College to Introduce Bridge Program with Bishop’s University in Fall of 2016 News 

Vanier College to Introduce Bridge Program with Bishop’s University in Fall of 2016

Environmentalists, outdoorsmen and women, and aspiring biologists now have one more reason to see Vanier as their number one choice for CEGEP studies. As of Fall 2016, students entering the Environmental and Wildlife Management program, a three-year career program, will have certain CEGEP credits count towards a Bachelor’s degree at Bishop’s University.

This new pipeline between the Ville St-Laurent based college and the university in Lennoxville looks to facilitate the academic progression of students in this field. Often, and particularly in the science programs, undergraduates must retake classes that they have already completed in CEGEP. With this newly introduced bridge program, their CEGEP and university studies will comprehensively be linked. Therefore, some classes taken during their three-year span at Vanier will count towards both their DCS and their bachelor’s degree.

Along with being a convenient option for prospective students, the bridge program will allow them to save money when it comes to university tuition. According to Quentin van Ginhoven, an Environmental and Wildlife Management teacher at Vanier College, EWM graduates will be able to complete their bachelor’s degree in less time. “Since [EWM students] would be getting equivalencies for certain courses, they would save money on tuition fees. The students would not have to redo courses they already [passed] at Vanier, even though they are different level[s]. In exchange, Bishop’s University would be benefitting from accepting a student who has three years of experience in the field of environmental studies”, said van Ginhoven.

This appealing new choice for students has already galvanized interest among potential undergraduates. “A half-dozen [current] students […] are interested in this and are looking into visiting Bishop’s at their open house”, van Ginhoven stated, when asked about the interest this could generate. The credits earned in CEGEP will only be recognized by Bishop’s University. Graduates of the three-year program are not obliged to attend Bishop’s University, but will be inclined to continue their studies there due to the benefits.

Nothing else will be changed in the already existing Environmental and Wildlife Management career program offered at Vanier.

Graduates who work their way through CEGEP and Bishop’s can look to work as biologists, wildlife specialists, environmental consultants, and educators. The average starting salary of EWS graduates is $17.70 per hour with a 91% employment rate.

With environmental problems becoming more and more of a pressing issue, a career in the EWS field not only makes for a great living, it is also essential towards the survival of the human species. They will become the organizers of the movement that can and must veer humanity away from its path towards self-destruction.

Written By: Giulio Evangelista

Originally Published: March 2016

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