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Five Reasons to Get Involved This Semester Voices 

Five Reasons to Get Involved This Semester

Five Reasons to Get Involved This Semester

Student life here at Vanier is bursting with opportunities to get in touch with the college’s community, and to make a difference (both within the school and in one’s own Vanier experience). However, with the time table a typical college student keeps, it may seem beyond impossible to fit in a moment for extra-curricular activities. As a writer for the VCSA Insider, let me reassure you that it is absolutely doable. Here’s why you should consider “getting involved” among your priorities this semester:

  1. Perfect Your Time Management Skills
    Alright, I admit, if you didn’t do too much in high school, it may be a bit of a sink or swim situation to sign up for a zillion things in the beginning of your first semester. Start with one small position, or give it a few weeks before launching yourself into things. With practice, you’ll get the hang of juggling transit, classes, homework, responsibilities towards club x, y, or z, and even… *drum roll please*… a social life! If you do get off to a rocky start, however, keep in mind that most clubs provide a great environment to which you contribute as little or as much as you’d like.
  2. Become a People-Person
    You may not be a social butterfly, and that’s okay. There are places for outsiders (places like the student newspaper for example (hint hint). Seriously though, whether you’re into leadership or simply chilling, you’ll find people who share your interests. For the former, one may consider joining the VCSA Council, or the Model UN. For the latter, there’s an awesome video game club that makes passing time much more enjoyable. Whatever the club or endeavor, you’re sure to meet new and interesting people.
  3. Learn to Prioritize
    It is important to keep in mind that academic success comes before any extracurricular involvements. Joining a club or counsel usually helps in keeping responsibilities in order; just don’t put too much on your plate. If you do choose to participate in any time-consuming activities (sports teams are a great example), you’ll quickly realize that you can’t easily get away with skipping your study time on a regular basis. By the way, on your priority list, don’t forget to put sleep somewhere near the top!
  4. Pick up a New Skill
    Mainly due to the multi-ethnic nature of the student body, Vanier students have much to teach each other. Learn to make a prize-worthy cappuccino with the coffee club, or explore theatre or music. Practice your journalism if you’re brave enough to write for the VCSA Insider (you can even use a pen name if you’d like). Remember, in any school, there’s a lot more to learn than what’s written on your course outlines.
  5. Leave Your Mark
    One of the best ways to get your ideas across is to work with the VCSA Council members (or become one yourself). Everyone has an opinion; express yours by attending the VCSA General Assemblies – your vote counts, your concerns matter. Are you environmentally conscious? Talk to Richard Dugas, the Sustainability Officer, about the environmental committee; there’s always lots to do!

In essence, have fun during your time at Vanier; getting involved in the school’s community allows you to develop as a person and as a leader, and ensures an enriched college experience.

Written By: Katherine Willcocks

Originally published: August 2015

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