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Why we Went Online Voices 

Why we Went Online

Hello fellow Vanier Students,

For those of you who are new to the school and reading this article you may have always thought that the school paper has always been in an online format. For others who have been around since last semester or any of the other previous semesters, you may have participated in the online survey provided by VCSA (Vanier College Student Association).

The survey asked students if they had and or were reading the school paper and if they were, would prefer it more in an online format, for those who had participated in said survey, we, the VCSA Insider, noticed a higher volume of the current day students would read more if it were online. Along with other main reasons, this was one of which made our decision to head into the online world to share other students writings to all of you. Now you may be wondering what other decisions lead to the paper from switching to a paper format to a digital format, so let’s start listing why.

One of the reasons to head online was to save funding’s and to share the funding’s towards other clubs. Previously with the printing costs of printing around 600 issues costed a good sum of money and we figured we would save more money while also consuming less paper. As much as we enjoyed the idea of having the school paper in the paper format, we went with what was best for the environment and the funding provided to us.

Another reason was that we kept having leftover copies after every bi-weekly release, which we were disappointed about. We kept seeing the papers torn or just thrown everywhere, or even in the stands they were placed in crumbled and not cared about. We didn’t want to litter the school further and we didn’t want the money to go to waste. Being able to physically see that not many of the students picked up a copy pushed us closer to the idea of heading online.

Last but not least, as stated earlier, the results of the survey provided by the VCSA council. After seeing the amount of students that would have read the paper more so if it had gone online convinced us what was best for the future of the paper. We want to provide something that many would enjoy, and by seeing that more of you, the student body, would prefer and read the paper if it went to a digital format compared to a physical one would interest you, then that is what we are here to do.

We want our members to be able to express themselves through their writing and share it with you, by going online this helps us greatly and gives you the chance to provide feedback to help them out. Again, these are the reasons as to which we went online instead of sticking to our old paper format.

Written By: Michael D’Itri

Originally Published: August 2015

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