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Me to We – Free the Children Voices 

Me to We – Free the Children

Do you know how lucky you are to be living in a free country? To be in a democratic society? To have access to heat, air conditioning, grocery stores, and running water? Have you ever thought about how wonderful it is that you only have to deal with first world problems, such as running out of hot water, losing your computer charger, or cracking the screen on your new iPhone 6s?    Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. It’s a sure thing, however, that North American living can set people…

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A Guide to Eating Vegetarian and Vegan at Vanier Voices 

A Guide to Eating Vegetarian and Vegan at Vanier

Among the Vanier population there is a small, unknown sub culture of students. Often disconnected from each other, vegans walk alone into cafeterias with the hope, like everyone else, of finding a meal to eat. But what are our options? Sometimes for vegetarians and vegans, our options can seem bleak. Eating as a vegan or vegetarian used to be hard some semesters ago, but luckily the time has come, and our needs have been recognized! At both cafeterias, Jake’s and the Chartwells cafeteria (more commonly known as the cafeteria next…

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A Boy, “His” Clock and a Herd of Sheep Voices 

A Boy, “His” Clock and a Herd of Sheep

On September 14th, a squad of FBI agents burst into Mohammed’s school to arrest the teen over a clock he made, alleging that it was a bomb and unfairly beating him before arresting him and firing off their guns into the air as Texans do. See? I can make up an elaborate story to support a ridiculous sensationalist viewpoint as well. Now, here’s what really happened: Mohammed had brought a clock which he had took out of its casing and put into a suitcase and took it to school, allegedly…

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If I Were Arts 

If I Were

My mom left me alone at home For three months And all she left me Were Twinkies   I ran out and am looking for something to eat I can’t find the can opener All I wanted from this life was Spaghettio’s I told you that’s all I wanted   And if I could I would live inside the Spaghettio’s factory And be a Spaghettio chef   I’ve attended a school with courses in cooking But they never taught me the recipe for Spaghettio’s Or for Twinkies   How do…

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A New Product “Surfaces” News 

A New Product “Surfaces”

On October 6th, Microsoft held a big event in New York City to announce their new and improved product line. It included, the Inter Alia, new Lumia phones, the Surface Pro 4, and what caught everyone’s eye, the new Surface Book. It is the first official laptop that Microsoft is selling, representing a big change in the technology markets. In other words, this is their first big step into the hardware market, expanding their portfolio from primarily selling software. Bill Gates’ old company has tried to make an entrance, however…

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Album Review: AQUARIA Entertainment 

Album Review: AQUARIA

Rating: 6.5 Boots, a.k.a. Jordy Asher, a producer, singer and songwriter, who’s mostly known for having worked with Beyoncé on her self-titled record, released his solo debut album on November 13th. However, AQUARIA has a sound that’s miles away from the diva’s carefully produced R&B hit. There’s a dreary atmosphere surrounding the album; from the obscure tone of the lyrics to the entrancing, apocalyptic sound of the electronic music framing them, there’s a distinct darkness attached to the work itself that is both shiver-inducing and incredibly interesting. The first few…

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Album Review: Made in the A.M. Entertainment 

Album Review: Made in the A.M.

Rating: 7 Long gone are the sugary-sweet pop anthems and generic melodies of One Direction’s first album. On their new record, their fifth one to date, the record-breaking quartet prove themselves to be mature and talented singers and songwriters. Made in the A.M., out now since November 13th, is a carefully crafted pop-folk collection of 13 songs (17 on the deluxe edition), and it’s obvious by listening to it that the band has come a long way from the one-dimensional songs of their debut, Up All Night, released nearly four…

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Linas Arts 


Linas was my beloved only and one. I met her in a dense park In a dreadful spot of sun. Oh, she was donned a pretty birthmark!   She did not eat her chips, To do so I could not have coerced. But she finished the salad dip And lugs around a big fat purse.   Her slender body was as wet as the tears of a widow, Her eyes popped out of her head, And yet she was so slow To reach the bloody bed.   Now she’s got…

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Vanier Music Students Entertain Montreal’s Elderly News 

Vanier Music Students Entertain Montreal’s Elderly

Vanier’s music department tends to close itself off from the rest of the world, with their own private wing of the school where they can practice and rehearse from sunrise to sunset. That’s why it’s nice when someone from the department reaches out and offers up their talents for the sake of the community. One such student has made a big splash both in the department and beyond; Peter Zhuang, a second-year classical piano student, has spent the past two years organizing and putting in motion a volunteer program for…

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Subversions: Vanier’s English Symposium News 

Subversions: Vanier’s English Symposium

To subvert is, essentially, to rebel, to overthrow the powerful by being different, and by breaking the rules. Subversions can cause revolutions, leading to innovation – innovation that is fueled by creativity. This semester, Vanier College’s English Department highlighted such authentic creativity in hosting a four day event entitled “Subversions: A Symposium”, which took place from October 27th through to the 30th. Featuring hip-hop artists, authors, video game producers, and other such creators whose works push boundaries, putting forth new ideas that move away from traditions of literature and other…

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