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The Red Eye in the Sky News 

The Red Eye in the Sky

On September 28th, a spectacular natural phenomenon happened and bewildered millions of people over the planet. You guessed it; there was an orange-red moon high up in the sky watching every one of us. The blood moon, as it is commonly referred to, is actually a total lunar eclipse. This is when the moon orbits and goes behind the Earth. The Earth therefore casts a shadow onto the orb of night (the moon) because of the Sun’s rays and makes the latter appear to have a red hue. The light…

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The Global Immigration Crisis News 

The Global Immigration Crisis

For the past half-century, a mass-influx of immigrants have been moving in on the west- and these are not coming from South America. This has been brought to the attention of governments worldwide with the new Syrian refugee crisis, which began with the rise of the Syrian rebel faction seeking to overthrow the currently empowered Assad regime- in 2011, that has seen millions of people attempting to flee their war-torn country of Syria, besieged by rebels on one side and the notorious terror group IS (formerly known as ISIS) on…

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Being Alone, Yet Not Lonely Voices 

Being Alone, Yet Not Lonely

Have you ever felt lonely in a crowd? As if you’re just with a group of people that you have little in common with? If you do feel that way, you’ve probably thought that it makes no sense to be in that situation and that you might as well be alone anyways. It’s alright, I feel that way too every now and then. Ever since elementary school, I found it hard to make friends. Since I wasn’t an outgoing person, I usually stuck with two people who knew each other…

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Media Bias in Elections Voices 

Media Bias in Elections

As a writer for our very own newspaper, I find it extremely important to remain professional and neutral when writing news articles. However, as this is not one of those articles, I feel free to express my opinion; media bias is an issue that I take very seriously, especially now, in the midst of a federal election. Everyone has a right to their political views and they have a right to their opinions. However, journalists have a responsibility to inform the public of the facts in these elections without letting…

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Shoe Covers Arts 

Shoe Covers

I remember being seven years old, awaiting my parents’ arrival. My sister and I sat upright in the old polyester green chairs that lined the walls of the waiting area in our elementary school. Our parents were bringing us to our annual dentist appointment. We piled into my father’s big grey van, finding an apple in each of our seats- mom was convinced they cleaned teeth. Once we got to the big city, we’d walk down this corridor full of small businesses; they sold things like mugs with Canadian flags…

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Is There a God? Arts 

Is There a God?

I am the pringle, which I cannot afford I tasted the pringle, I savored it’s crunchy texture, And salty composition I meditated on the pringle, and on my life in general Is this all there is to life? Has anything been gained? Has anything been restored? Pringles bake at around 450 F What does that mean? Do they feel me, Cry? Do they feel me, Sigh? Do they feel anything at all? A can of pringles rolls and falls off the table The sound frightens you, and you wonder, Will…

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