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Being Alone, Yet Not Lonely Voices 

Being Alone, Yet Not Lonely

Have you ever felt lonely in a crowd? As if you’re just with a group of people that you have little in common with? If you do feel that way, you’ve probably thought that it makes no sense to be in that situation and that you might as well be alone anyways. It’s alright, I feel that way too every now and then.

Ever since elementary school, I found it hard to make friends. Since I wasn’t an outgoing person, I usually stuck with two people who knew each other for a long time – tagging along, basically. Most of the friendships I made back then were “forced” or involuntary. You know, that dreadful moment during the beginning of the semester when the teacher says “Go in groups of two or three!”  Oh, how I hated that. But, hey, now I had two new friends that I could go eat with in the cafeteria so that I don’t look like as much of a loner. Luckily in my school, they would let us eat in the hallways, so if I couldn’t find that pair during lunch time, I’d pace around and eat simultaneously, pretending like I’m actually headed somewhere. This continued up to high school when I realized that I had to make some changes.

If people genuinely wanted to get to know you, they will. Forced friendships are the ones that end the fastest. What’s meant to be yours will come and stay. Sure, humans are social beings, but it’s okay to be alone sometimes, it gives you time to reflect on your daily life. Not to mention, there’s no other expectations to live by, other than your own. No one needs to know of your successes and failures. You can do what you like and be yourself, enjoy that freedom while you can.

Written By: Alaina Roberts

Originally Published: September 2015

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