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Now He Comes For Us All Voices 

Now He Comes For Us All

Destiny has released its latest expansions The Taken King for all current platforms, and with it, a multitude of gameplay changes and interface upgrades. Even before being released, Bungie had interviews that described what they wanted to do and what they wanted to fix to make their player base enjoy it even more. They knew there were problems and they wanted to fix them as soon as possible. Thus, with the release of the current expansion, the players got just that and a heck of a lot more. The Taken…

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The Raging Grannies – Back to School Voting Campaign  News 

The Raging Grannies – Back to School Voting Campaign 

Students are often stereotyped as the rebellious young adults who protest like crazy in search of anything to overturn. Unfortunately, this sometimes takes away from the message students are trying to send, as people learn to ignore the groups of youngsters picketing with massive, red signs. Once in a while, however, one comes across a unique assembly of social activists who may seem insignificant in number (in comparison with the herds of students people grow accustomed to), though they can be extremely effective in gaining attention through their originality and…

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Vanier’s Jukebox Ocean: the Art of the Jam Perfected  Entertainment 

Vanier’s Jukebox Ocean: the Art of the Jam Perfected 

  What if somebody captured the magic of an impromptu jam session, like lightning in a bottle, and then just left it as it was? That’s the modus operandi of Vanier’s Jukebox Ocean and, with their first EP Rivers of Song set to drop sometime in November, it’s interesting to reflect on the spark that ignited this still-young project. When  founding  members  Joseph  Anidjar  and Shayne Assouline first played together in the back mods of Vanier’s music department, there must have been a moment when they realized there was something…

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Teacher’s Strike? At Vanier?  News 

Teacher’s Strike? At Vanier? 

Vanier and other Cegeps will be expecting teachers’ strikes this fall, with 90.5% of Vanier teachers voting in favour of a six day rotating strike sometime after elections. So why are teachers striking? Every five years, Cegeps make a new collective agreement with the Federation of Cegeps and the Ministry of Education, but this year, “the government is not serious about negotiating”, said Eric Durling, the president of the Vanier College Teachers’ Association. They say that their demands are not being heard, and that large cuts are expected for all…

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A Rundown of Vanier’s Election Debate  News 

A Rundown of Vanier’s Election Debate 

Did you happen to miss the recent election debate? On Wednesday, September 16th, Vanier hosted a bilingual election debate in the auditorium. Present was a candidate from each of the parties, Jim Hughes from the Green Party (Ville-Marie-Le Sud-Ouest–Île-des-Sœurs), Mario Beaulieu from the Bloc Québécois (La Pointe-de-l’Île), Stéphane Dion from the Liberal Party (St. Laurent/Cartierville), Daniel Green from the Green Party (NDG/Westmount), and Rodolphe Husny from the Conservative Party (Outremont). Various topics were approached in the debate, such as youth employment and the economy, environmental issues, aboriginal affairs, as well…

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Vantablack Warship Struggles to Catch Wind in their Sails Entertainment 

Vantablack Warship Struggles to Catch Wind in their Sails

Atomic Café on Ontario Street East is hardly the kind of venue that screams “metal.”; a 1950s nostalgia décor, bizarre works of art hanging from the wall, and the presence of lighting. However, it was the plaster of these very walls that Montreal’s own Vantablack Warship made a mission of dislodging on the 26th of September. The occasion: the October 9th release of their debut self-titled EP, a lukewarm album that shows some metal prowess, but too often feels like a parody of the genre. The band’s members, veterans of…

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