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Memes: The Modern Language of Love Entertainment Voices 

Memes: The Modern Language of Love

When the terms “love language” or “language of love” are brought up, the first few thoughts that come to mind are poems written with the utmost burning passion or personal songs being serenaded to you. We probably do not incorporate any form of love language into everyday life, right? Well, what if I told you that you probably are, in fact, using a type of love language practically every day? If you guessed MEMES, then you are right!

You are probably thinking to yourself: “Memes count as a language of love? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Yes, it is stupid, but hear me out. If you are anything like me, you probably spend countless hours on Instagram or Twitter, scrolling through your feed or the explore page. Suddenly, a wild meme appears on your timeline: one that reminds you of someone in your life. This someone does not necessarily have to be your significant other; it may be your friend or your mom, who has no clue what a “me-me” is. When you find this perfect meme, you save it with the intention of showing it to them, or you may even send it immediately. “What does this have to do with love languages though?”, you’re probably asking. Well, human person, who is sane, unlike me, although memes are intended to be simple and funny, they can also be something very personal. This unusual language of love demonstrates to the destined receiver of this message that they are on your mind and that you cherish them enough to send them something that reminded you of them. It shows them that you know what their preferences are, what makes them laugh, what makes them say “that’s the tea”, and so much more. By sending them a meme, you’re generally trying to make that person happy, which is part of love. On a side note, love is not purely romantic. Love can be familial, platonic, and whatnot, but it is not necessarily romantic. 

So, next time you are planning to write that special someone a poem or a love song, consider sending them a meme first. After all, who doesn’t like to laugh?


By Angelique Chu

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