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Astronomical Nostalgia Arts 

Astronomical Nostalgia

Since when have you inspired my pen To move across the page with such vigor and passion? Rhetorical question, I know it was then When suddenly emotions were in peak fashion. Times so exiting, I did not even think That it would come to an end; A screeching halt as I blinked. And so I lie here only to comprehend the emotional blend that I did in fact send alongside time that I spend Wondering if this is a trend, if it’s something I can amend. I want Emotional to…

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Welcome (Back) Vanier! Voices 

Welcome (Back) Vanier!

Welcome (back) Vanier College students! As you are engulfed by the sea of returning students, and by the swarm of newcomers searching for classrooms, please, do not feel that you have lost your way. You may be exactly where you need to be. Perhaps you’re beginning a program that will lead you straight to your dream job. That’s great! Perhaps, however, you’ll realize over the course of the semester that science, or communications, or social science, or commerce, or nursing, or [insert your program name here] doesn’t quite live up…

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Good Music, Good Cause – Benefit Concert: Tourette’s Syndrome Entertainment 

Good Music, Good Cause – Benefit Concert: Tourette’s Syndrome

Great music for an even greater cause? Yes, you read correctly! On September 5th 2016, join countless attendees for an evening filled with lively ambiance and an even livelier ensemble of musical artists consisting of Noyze, Tricia Fitz, and Chair Warriors; all local artists from the Greater Montreal Area. Alternative, ambiant, and mesmerizing music, will be played as a way of showing support for individuals diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourette Canada is inviting you to come be a part of this fantastic fundraising event for patients, as well as families, affected…

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