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Quarantine in the Time of Coronavirus Entertainment Voices 

Quarantine in the Time of Coronavirus

Day 1 (March FRIDAY THE 13th) : I have no classes on Fridays, but my comrades are forced to attend school, risking their lives for their education. Later, Legault announces that all schools are to be closed for two weeks.

Day 2: I had insomnia last night, and I am awoken in the wee hours of the morning.  I am unproductive, but I do an ab workout to stay fit.  I listen to music all day, and I even develop a newfound obsession with sudokus. However, I soon experience a cough. 

Day 3: The pandemic is getting much worse, but all we can do is wait…

Day 4: I listen to music, watch Netflix, and do sudokus all day, in addition to my daily ab workout.

Day 5: It was snowing this morning.  I was in a good mood, so I took my dog for a walk: first time breathing in the outside air in 5 days.  I also uploaded a YouTube video so that my channel doesn’t die if I do.

Day 6: It’s raining again this morning.  I try to start my history assignment, but I don’t get much done.  After all, it’s due in quite a while, so, when the sky clears, I’ll go for a longer walk with my dog and my mom.

Day 7: Last Wednesday, there were only 4 cases in Quebec.  Now, 8 days later, there are over 100 and even 1 death.  This pandemic has gotten so out of hand, as there is talk of a full lockdown for the entire city of Montreal; grocery stores are shortening their opening hours. However, people are still not taking it seriously, saying “it’s just the flu”.

Day 8: Today was incredibly unproductive.  I finally slept over 9hours last night for the first time in a while, but I woke up more exhausted than ever… fatigue is another symptom of COVID-19…  I completed a few sudokus, watched Netflix, and listened to music while attempting to advance in my history assignment. 

Day 9: I’ve been sneezing all day, but I took a walk outside and was able to refresh my mind.  I’ve completed several sudokus, listened to a lot of music, and only wrote a few sentences for my history assignment.

Day 10: I completed almost half of my history assignment when the government announced that all schools are closed until May 1st.  Some of us are rejoicing, while others are stressed about their academic career.  I, for one, am happy about how this announces the fall of capitalism!

Day 11: I can feel 20 brain cells die every minute I spend in my room blasting music in my ears…

Day 12: 1013 cases in Quebec.  Officially the most in Canada.  We were at 628 yesterday and half that number the day before… I finally finished and submitted my history assignment and immediately got so bored that I decided to listen to Linkin Park albums; I’m writing a review on my favourite one, providing an in-depth explanation as to why it was my favourite. 

Day 13: My face has broken out so much, but I cannot stop eating chocolate (it’s my sole consolation!). Perfect timing to be quarantined!  All of my friends are losing their s*** over lack of social contact, but I’m an introvert, so I’m very happy with all the “me time” I’ve been getting :).  I may or may not have made a few tik toks with a friend and her younger sister over FaceTime though…

Day 14: Fun fact of the day: Facebook is run by white supremacists. Anyway, I can feel my wisdom teeth grow; since everything is closed until May, I guess I’ll just die.

Day 15: I started reading the English book I need to read, but I’m still waiting on 3 other teachers to update us on what they are planning…

Day 16: I REALLY do not want to watch a 3h documentary on the 2 Quebec referendums, but I have an online quiz on it on Monday … I’ll start the day off by not doing that and maybe read my English book instead.  Or maybe I’ll write an article for our amazing Student Newspaper 🙂

Day 17: Ok so I finally finished that documentary and omg was it PAINFUL!  Hopefully the quiz questions aren’t too specific haha.  I also have my first online class tomorrow, so online school is really happening, eh?

Day 18: lol I got 68% on that quiz. Ayt. Also, that online class was a mess, so I’m 100% not attending the other ones since they’re optional. I need to read 51 pages of my English book, so I’ll probably do that before… no, AFTER, I procrastinate a bit.

Day 19: I have an assignment to due tmw at midnight, so I’ll just do it tomorrow.

Day 20 (April 1st): I finished the assignment only after procrastinating all day. It was about 8pm when I remembered I have an online politics quiz tomorrow at 10am!  And the ppt is 65 slides long!  Damn, even when I have all the time in the world, I still find the time to procrastinate!

Day 21: 73% on the quiz?  Well, I guess that’s an improvement… Now, I need to yell at the editor and update the website. Oh, can’t forget to read my English book today and participate in the class forum.  My criminology and politics exams are due in 1 week and I had completely forgotten about them.

Day 22: I just realized I have another English assignment to do tonight at midnight…

Day 23: It’s the weekend, so I should mainly relax, right? I’ll take a walk with my mom and my dog, while not doing any work whatsoever.

Day 24: I think I miscalculated how much time I had because I have 2 online exams in 4 days that require a lot of preparation.  I’ll start the criminology assignment/exam today.

Day 25: Omg why aren’t my teachers answering my urgent MIOs?  OMG I completely forgot to read my English book!  I need to do that today.

Day 26: OMG there’s an English assignment due tonight??  AND MY BIO TEACHER JUST ANNOUNCED THAT THE EXAM WILL BE IN 2 DAYS! NOW I HAVE 3 EXAMS THAT DAY!

Day 27: Ok, I overreacted. I’ll be able to finish most preps today. Haven’t started studying bio.  Also, someone other than my mom or my dog talked to me irl for the first time in 27 days and I fully forgot how to act… how will I relearn how to socialize when quarantine is over??

Day 28: Bio exam was a breeze, politics exam was handed in late because of a scheduling conflict, but I had advised my teacher, so it’s all good.  I’ll take a short break before handing in my criminology exam.

Day 29: All I want to do today is sleep.  But I wrote an article for the student newspaper and read my English book.  I have another English assignment due tomorrow (yes, despite the fact that it’s easter break!), so I’ll just do it tomorrow.

Day 30: After doing that, I played some Fireboy and Watergirl, a renewed grade 6 hobby.

Day 31: I have nothing due next week except for anther English assignment and a documentary quiz, so today I’m playing Firegirl and Waterboy all day.

Day 32: I don’t have anything to do, so I might as well write another article for the student newspaper and make some memes for my meme account.

Day 33: I FaceTimed two friends today, so that was cool, FaceTiming 100% of the friends I have is very productive.  The English assignment is due tomorrow, so I’ll do that then.

Day 34: Wrote and submitted the assignment… oh tomorrow is that documentary quiz, so I’ll watch the documentary tonight. 

[The student died between Day 34 and 39 of quarantine]

Day 39: I wasted so much time doing nothing these past few days (besides re-watching one of my all-time favourite TV shows, The Fall)! I really need to write the history essay I have due later today!

Day 40: Just got an extension for the criminology research paper that was due today, so I’ll watch a few episodes of The Fall for research purposes.

Day 41: I need to write that paper now, but my brain is so brain dead…

Day 42: I had a documentary quiz that I had forgotten about, so I hadn’t watched the documentary oops

Day 43: Finally gave in my criminology paper…

Day 44: No one:

             My brain: lol remember how you got ghosted on Day 1 of quarantine haha

             I do… that was over a month ago now, and my messages get deleted after a month lol

Day 45: Yesterday, I started knitting while re-watching the first 11 episodes of The Mentalist, my all-time favourite TV show.  I’ll start my criminology assignment today, even though it’s due in 3 days, bc I also have a politics exam that day.  

Day 46: If doing this has taught me 1 thing, it’s that my life is literally a meme.

Day 47: Michael Stevens once did a Mindfield episode on what happens to the brain when one has been isolated for 3 days… well, what happens when one is isolated for 47 days??

Day 48: I… I…

Day 49 (May 1st): My Facebook got zucced exactly a month ago bc of an April Fool’s prank I tried to pull, and I don’t think I’m ever getting it back 🙁

Day 50: what is time? It’s a social construct, it’s an illusion. Time doesn’t really exist, so I haven’t been iso-iso-isolated f-f-f-for 50 d-d-d-ays… I think all this isolation is giving me some serious brain damage (well, I already have brain damage, so this is extra brain damage I guess)…… oh well, farewell friends.  This is QuaranTeen, signing out!

Day 52: me again.  Just got home from a 12 hour stay at the emergency and they think I have COVID – I’ll know for sure tomorrow… hopefully this day-by-day description of life in quarantine during a pandemic will live on if I don’t survive…

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