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Neebs Gaming – The Best YouTube Channel in the World! Entertainment 

Neebs Gaming – The Best YouTube Channel in the World!

Have you ever wondered what happened to the talented guys behind some of YouTube’s most favourite animated series like Mob SquadDoraleous & Associates, and Battlefield Friends? If you have lived under a rock for the last couple of years, these guys are still on YouTube and are growing strong with their channel, Neebs Gaming.

           With more than 2.25 million subscribers and a total of 1 billion views, Neebs Gaming is a gaming channel composed of five guys testing their friendships across many survival and roleplaying games, like ARK: Survival Evolved7 Days to Die, and many others. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, the crew behind Neebs Gaming focuses on cinematic and roleplay gameplay to connect viewers all around the globe in the name of world peace. However, don’t get too excited about the word “gaming.” While the Neebs Gaming crew can sometimes figure out the rules to a particular game, there are certainly no competitive gamers. What they lack in their gaming skills, they make it up for in their comedic talent, much to our viewing entertainment. Each of the guys’ different personalities and abilities to immerse themselves in the game they are playing really sells Neebs Gaming as one of the most unique channels you’ll find on YouTube.

Who are the guys behind Neebs Gaming?

           Neebs Gaming wouldn’t be possible without its namesake, Neebs. Neebs (real-life name Brent Triplett) is arguably the most recognizable member of the crew with his distinctive Southern accent, love for nature and profanity-free mouth. Neebs’ good-hearted nature often puts him in disagreement with his peers, creating some of the channel’s most comedic arguments and banter. Neebs was also the voice actor behind the Noob in Battlefield Friends and Neebs in Doraleous & Associates. If these two characters pop into your mind instantly, you’ll know what to expect from this fun-loving member.

           If you know the channel JonnyEthco and have watched some of its animated cartoons, you are in for a treat. That’s because its owner, Appsro, is one of the five Neebs Gaming members. Real-life name Jon Etheridge, Appsro is the crew’s most explosive member with his foul mouth and bursts of rage. As a content creator who has been on YouTube since 2006, Appsro is one of the most talented and skilled gamers in the group. Apprso’s personality and willingness to push the boundaries of comedy makes him one of the most unforgettable members of Neebs Gaming.

           Doraleous is arguably the chilliest and sweetest member of the group. Known for his smooth voice, ability to keep his cool, and countless pun jokes, Doraleous is a welcoming sight who’s always trying to stay positive no matter the context of the situation. In addition to his work on Neebs Gaming, Doraleous (real-life name Nate Panning) is also a small-time actor who appeared in movies like this year’s Birdies.

           Thick44 needs no introduction. The Wyvern King and the Human Man Warrior himself, Thick44 is the fearless member of the group, always willing to take the most reckless methods to get the job done, even if it means costing his teammates to die hilariously. Whenever he is not playing video games, Thick44 is a skilled professional metal guitarist who is behind Battlefield Friends’ iconic opening theme. In addition to his work, Thick (real-life name: Tony Schnur) is the bravest member of the group who has been battling brain cancer for the last year and still kicking ass today.

           There is that one lovable idiot in every friend circle, and Simon is no exception. Although he has come a long way since his debut on the channel, Simon (real-life name: Bryan Mahoney) is that one player who is the complete opposite of being a competitive gamer. Despite being less skilled at gaming, Simon is still one of the group’s most hilarious members with his iconic death sound, tendencies to fall in holes, and love for sandwiches. Don’t let his clumsiness get the better of you; Simon is more than capable of throwing rage-induced rants whenever he is pissed or under pressure.

           Finally, the fantastic work of Neebs Gaming couldn’t be possible without the talented work of their three editors, AnthonyCSN, Adahop, and Jack (no relation). Together, these three editors bring the cinematic experience with a different shooting style that makes you feel like watching a movie.

What did Neebs Gaming bring to my life?

           What makes Neebs Gaming the best YouTube channel in the world is its comedic content. Whenever I feel down or worried about life, these guys never fail to put a smile on my face. I’ve been a fan of their channel since I was in sixth grade, and without their content, I wouldn’t have grown up into the person I am today. These guys always cheer me up and bring positivity to the world. I am proud to have grown up watching Neebs Gaming.

           One of the best things about Neebs Gaming is all about the community they gathered. The Neebs Gaming community is by far the best fandom in the world. Toxicity and immaturity are nonexistent. You will only find love, respect, and joy. I’ve never felt more welcome in my life. This community helped me connect with people worldwide and make friends with folks down in North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Saskatchewan, Ireland, and even Australia.

           Looking back, it’s all thanks to five talented guys that I am here today writing this article.

What is next for Neebs Gaming

           Neebs Gaming is not going anywhere soon. In fact, it will continue to expand until they reach achieving world peace. With the controversial release of Battlefield 2042, the Neebs Gaming crew will continue making new Battlefield Friends episodes.

           I hope you will enjoy Neebs Gaming to see y’all with at future Neebs Gaming events!
By Jacques “Jack” Wang

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