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Cole Swindell’s Stereotype – Summer 2022 written all over it! Entertainment 

Cole Swindell’s Stereotype – Summer 2022 written all over it!

Cole Swindell’s latest and fourth album Stereotype is finally available! In addition to its already chart-topping singles, Stereotype features songs that will sure make you blast your speakers up all summer long.

In Stereotype, you’ll find the same style of music you’d expect from Cole Swindell and modern country, plus some unexpected tributes and great collaborations. Many songs on the track were co-written by fellow country musician HARDY. This includes the lead single “Single Saturday Night,” which reached number-one in late 2020. The dance-inducing beat and lyrics are sure to make you sing along whenever you feel the need to let loose. HARDY is also featured on the album as a singer for the song “Down to the Bar,” which is going to be the name of Swindell’s next tour. HARDY isn’t the only artist to be featured in Stereotype. Arguably, one of the most successful songs of Cole Swindell’s latest album as to be “Never Say Never,” a duet with fellow country singer Lainey Wilson. Swindell and Wilson’s singing and catchy beat makes “Never Say Never” an energetic and flowing melody. No wonder why “Never Say Never” is currently the number-one country song coming out of Nashville.

The biggest surprise and most unique song on this album has to go to “She Had Me At Heads Carolina.” If you know your 90’s country, you’ll know that “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” is a tribute to Jo Dee Messina’s “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” Not only does Swindell use the same melody of that classic song, but he also writes the lyrics into a new perspective. Results? Cole Swindell perfectly summarizes why 90’s country is the best. It’ll be criminal if this song doesn’t reach number-one throughout this summer.

What I love about how Stereotype features a lot of good non-singles that will make you want to sing along with the windows down. Some of my personal favourites include “Stereotype,” “I’m Gonna Let Her,” “How is She,” and “Miss Whenever.” The lyrics and melody behind those songs speaks to me in a way that I can relate on a personal level.

Overall, I highly recommend Cole Swindell’s Stereotype to any fan of new country and nostalgia-seekers. I definitely will be putting this album on my summer road trip playlist. With the announcements of more albums from some of Nashville’s bests, there is no doubt that this summer will be a country’s paradise.

By Jacques Wang


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