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Farewell, Vanier! – Back to Square One or Two Steps Forward? Features 

Farewell, Vanier! – Back to Square One or Two Steps Forward?

So, this is it. This is the end for me—the end of my days here at Vanier. When you start cégep, you’d always picture how the next two years of your life will plan out. Truth is, nothing ever goes according to plan. Things will happen during your time that you ain’t have no power over it. That is definitely what happened to me throughout my time here at Vanier. Anyone who knows me knows I had the most challenging time of my life in high school. Coming to Vanier…

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Cole Swindell’s Stereotype – Summer 2022 written all over it! Entertainment 

Cole Swindell’s Stereotype – Summer 2022 written all over it!

Cole Swindell’s latest and fourth album Stereotype is finally available! In addition to its already chart-topping singles, Stereotype features songs that will sure make you blast your speakers up all summer long. In Stereotype, you’ll find the same style of music you’d expect from Cole Swindell and modern country, plus some unexpected tributes and great collaborations. Many songs on the track were co-written by fellow country musician HARDY. This includes the lead single “Single Saturday Night,” which reached number-one in late 2020. The dance-inducing beat and lyrics are sure to…

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Everything wrong with Bill 96 Voices 

Everything wrong with Bill 96

If you know me, you’d know that there is nothing more important for me than to protect the linguistic minorities of Canada. Whether they are Franco-Ontarians, Acadians or Anglo-Quebecers, no one from coast to coast should be punished for speaking one of the official languages of our country. That is why I am opposed to Bill 96 or any other forms of legislation that pretends to protect the French language in Quebec. Let’s get the facts straight. I am not opposed to Bill 96 for wanting to take action to…

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French Presidential Election – The start of Macron’s challenging days News 

French Presidential Election – The start of Macron’s challenging days

On Sunday, April 24, incumbent French president Emmanuel Macron won re-election. However, Macron’s victory may be short-lived as he faces a divided population and a hostile political landscape. Background Emmanuel Macron was first elected as president of France in 2017 with more than two-thirds of the votes, defeating Marine Le Pen of the far-right party Rassemblement Nationale (RN). Macron’s party, La République en Marche (LREM), won a majority of seats in the French legislative election, giving him control of both the executive and legislative branches. The centrist and pro-European head…

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Make It Happen! – Those were the words of Avery Rueb that chimed through the ears of two students who aspired to bring other students together in a social-distanced society. From chanting their motto to sketching designs and prototypes; meeting with academic and non-academic staff for feedback, the vacillating nature of their project made ‘giving up’ palatable. Some may call it a coincidence and while others call it fate. But whatever it was, it brought two students together. They were the only attendees of the online make-up session for LaunchBox…

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Vanier’s Film Festival Widely Awaited Comeback Campus 

Vanier’s Film Festival Widely Awaited Comeback

After two years of postponing the student video festival because of sanitary issues, the Vanier Film Festival is back for its 47th anniversary.  Student films from the past four semesters will be presented in the 90-minute program curated by the hosts – communications students Rose Kahhali and Nikol Tsvetkova. As Kahhali points out, “the film festival has been dormant for the past two years, and it is time to honour everyone’s accomplishments.” Under the theme of the 2000’s decade, the festival will celebrate this era with funky decorations and ambient…

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A discussion space between Vanier students and teachers takes its digital form Campus 

A discussion space between Vanier students and teachers takes its digital form

This semester, The Coffee Break Project hosted their roundtable discussion on the Geopolitics and Economics of Conflict in the Ukraine Crisis. This event took place on March 30th, 2022. Students were able to share their thoughts and opinions on the motivations behind this conflict and its impacts on a global scale alongside Economics and Political Science teachers. Furthermore, The Coffee Break Project has launched its digital immersion through its Instagram page (@thecoffeebreakproject_vanier). This platform will be used to share articles and podcasts relating to various events within the world of…

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QASAP’s Intercollegiate Amazing Race: College Edition Campus 

QASAP’s Intercollegiate Amazing Race: College Edition

QASAP is organizing its first-ever annual Amazing Race: Montreal College Edition. All the colleges participating in this event are Vanier College, Champlain College, John Abbot College, Marianopolis College, Heritage College, and Dawson College.  The event will take place during the day on Thursday, June 2, 2022. There will be three teams of 2-3 students from each college. They will be representing their colleges during the race.  The Amazing Race event will begin at Marianopolis College at 10 am and will continue to other locations throughout Montreal during the day.  All…

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Pondering Arts 


I wonder what I look like Through your eyes Am I caught in your stare As often as I’d like Do I remind you  Of someone familiar Does my voice Remind you of a song Would you like to listen To my stories Or would you rather I write about you There’s a feeling  Hanging over me Like I should Get to know us But I’m afraid if I ask ‘‘What do you think of me?’’ The answer will be ‘‘I don’t.’’ By Alexia Côté

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Brains or Beauty Arts 

Brains or Beauty

You don’t get to Feel insulted If I can’t take your compliment You’re beautiful You’re sexy Your body looks great I don’t see it that way When I look into the mirror I don’t see confidence I see a broken down Uncaring for her appearance Just picked whatever clothes girl You see I thought It was a choice Brains or beauty You either got a man  Who loved you for you Or loved you for your body I picked brains I thought I picked right I picked self-neglect See now…

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