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Neebs Gaming – The Best YouTube Channel in the World! Entertainment 

Neebs Gaming – The Best YouTube Channel in the World!

Have you ever wondered what happened to the talented guys behind some of YouTube’s most favourite animated series like Mob Squad, Doraleous & Associates, and Battlefield Friends? If you have lived under a rock for the last couple of years, these guys are still on YouTube and are growing strong with their channel, Neebs Gaming.            With more than 2.25 million subscribers and a total of 1 billion views, Neebs Gaming is a gaming channel composed of five guys testing their friendships across many survival and roleplaying games, like ARK:…

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Five low-effort environment-friendly habits you should incorporate Earth Day 

Five low-effort environment-friendly habits you should incorporate

Most of us have already heard of the 4 R’s: Reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose. Here are some different eco-friendly habits you can implement without breaking your head. 1. Collect your pop tabs Whether you’re drinking a soft drink or a fruit punch, it also has a pop tab if it comes in an aluminum can! By collecting these pop tabs, you can donate them to a non-profit of your choice that actively participates in such activities. Many charitable organizations, such as the Ronald Mcdonald House in Montreal recycle them…

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Earth Day Earth Day 

Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22, which is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that was held in 1970. Earth Day aims to bring awareness about climate change and global warming.  Earth Day is universally acknowledged as the world’s largest secular celebration, with over a billion people participating each year in a day of action to improve human behaviour and generate global, national, and local policy changes. As the effects of climate change become more obvious every day, the fight for a clean environment is becoming increasingly urgent. As…

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Bisexual Superman: The New Man of Tomorrow Entertainment 

Bisexual Superman: The New Man of Tomorrow

If you’re a superhero lover, you’ll know that in recent months, comic book writer Tom Taylor’s adaptation of Superman has gained lots of publicity. Superman’s civilian persona is Clark Kent, but recently he has been out of the picture and his son, Jonathan Kent has stepped up to take on the mantle. Tom Taylor’s series Superman: Son of Kal-El follows Jon’s adventures and on October 11th, national coming out day, Taylor posted to his Instagram that issue five of the series would reveal the character’s relationship with his lover Jay…

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Whistler: The school trip of a lifetime Arts 

Whistler: The school trip of a lifetime

Wow, it’s already been four years. It still feels like yesterday when I fell in love with Whistler.  It all happened on Easter Sunday 2018, which was weirdly the same day as April Fools. Our group was to meet at Trudeau Airport. We were a total of fourteen students with three teachers who accompanied us. My dad gave me a brand-new pair of Kastle skis – freshly designed for big mountains like the Whistler. We all went through security smoothly, and I grabbed a quick breakfast at some local café….

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The Indigenous Appeal to Equity and Community Voices 

The Indigenous Appeal to Equity and Community

For many centuries, the Western world has thought Communism to be an impossible ideal—sometimes even a dystopic nightmare. However, the Indigenous peoples successfully form a society close to the ideals of Karl Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. In Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer valorizes the ways of Native American culture relevant to communism: the lack of a monetary system, the unity of individuals as a part of a greater community, and the harmony with the larger ecosystem humanity finds itself in.  First…

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Espace Transition – Un programme pour améliorer votre santé mentale à votre service Features 

Espace Transition – Un programme pour améliorer votre santé mentale à votre service

La santé mentale des adolescents et des jeunes adultes est un enjeu qui préoccupent de plus en plus notre société. Que ce soient des problèmes anxiété, des troubles déficitaires d’attention ou des pensées dépressives, plusieurs jeunes nécessitent de l’aide à faire face à leurs difficultés. Heureusement, pour plus de 13 ans, le programme d’Espace Transition offre de nombreux ateliers artistiques dans le but d’aider à améliorer la santé mentale des jeunes de 15 à 25 ans. J’ai eu la chance de m’asseoir avec les organisatrices d’Espace Transition pour faire vous…

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Vanier Model UN Annual Conference Campus 

Vanier Model UN Annual Conference

Greetings, fellow delegates, Do you have an intense passion for global affairs, past and present? Do you go absolutely bonkers during political discussions with your friends and family? Then the Vanier Model United Nations Club is for you! We will be holding our annual conference on April 23rd and 24th online. Because you’re all special, it is exclusively free for all Vanier students to attend. There is no need to break the bank to have the absolute time of your life debating solutions to geopolitical crises in the South China…

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There’s an Election Coming, Right? Campus 

There’s an Election Coming, Right?

We are all completely burnt out at this point. It turns out that running on five hours of sleep every night is like putting diesel in a Formula 1 car. It just won’t perform as well as it should. Because of our responsibilities as students, we must carry on with the tedium that is Cegep. There’s no way around it. Or is there? It’s proven that the students most satisfied with their Cegep experience are the ones most involved in the school community. You are a student. You are presented…

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