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Five low-effort environment-friendly habits you should incorporate Earth Day 

Five low-effort environment-friendly habits you should incorporate

Most of us have already heard of the 4 R’s: Reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose. Here are some different eco-friendly habits you can implement without breaking your head. 1. Collect your pop tabs Whether you’re drinking a soft drink or a fruit punch, it also has a pop tab if it comes in an aluminum can! By collecting these pop tabs, you can donate them to a non-profit of your choice that actively participates in such activities. Many charitable organizations, such as the Ronald Mcdonald House in Montreal recycle them…

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Earth Day Earth Day 

Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22, which is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that was held in 1970. Earth Day aims to bring awareness about climate change and global warming.  Earth Day is universally acknowledged as the world’s largest secular celebration, with over a billion people participating each year in a day of action to improve human behaviour and generate global, national, and local policy changes. As the effects of climate change become more obvious every day, the fight for a clean environment is becoming increasingly urgent. As…

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Is the fight for sustainability elitist? Earth Day 

Is the fight for sustainability elitist?

A new dilemma has emerged in the fight for sustainability. As some people cannot afford to be sustainable, does reprimanding people for continuing to use unsustainable brands make you elitist?  I think there are many layers to uncover to fully understand this issue, the first one being what sustainability is. Through the scope of social media, the word “sustainability” has been twisted and turned until it has lost most of its meaning. It is more than often used indiscriminately in most discussions. Here’s a definition from McGill University that I…

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#savetheturtles: A Seaspiracy Earth Day 

#savetheturtles: A Seaspiracy

Netflix recently released their new environmental documentary called Seaspiracy. It follows a filmmaker, Ali Tabrizi, trying to learn about the harm that humans cause to the ocean and its ecosystems. As he gets deeper and deeper into the topic, he finds out that there is more to the story than he originally thought.  He begins his journey by looking into whales and dolphins, then discovers that there is an enormous global overfishing problem. Expectedly, he finds that large corporations are controlling how we consume. This topic has really been something…

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