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Cool Weather, Warm Hearts Voices 

Cool Weather, Warm Hearts

While we were busy with the semester, winter somehow managed to sneak in. Soon enough we will trade our shirts for sweaters and ordering our coffee hot instead of iced. The seasons are changing and maybe it’s time for us to make a change too. When the breeze brings a new chill in with it, we are fortunate enough to be able to find comfort and warmth with loved ones, but it is always important to remember those who are not able to do so. Surprisingly, on the list amongst…

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Aromatherapy Arts 


In that moment Once, all it takes A smiling face A soft embrace Twice now, reality shakes To just say sweet Isn’t enough A description that’s complete Would indeed be tough Si sente odore di bella Myrízeis oraía so much so I’m at a loss I take this time to collect my thoughts Again, and again, and again Once more Inundated when That which I adore Arrives within Prudent perception It is powerful, has flavor And upon further reflection Is something I will savour The intoxication Is delicate A mental…

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Fantastic Beasts and Complex Cinema Entertainment 

Fantastic Beasts and Complex Cinema

           Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a film which struggles to find its balance. In many ways, the film is what could only be described as ‘Harry Potter for Adults’, in several other ways, however, it is the most childish of them all. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that a great amount of talent went into the creation of this film. Visually, it is by far both the most beautiful and most creative film of the entire franchise. Its bold use of colour is refreshing in the era…

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The Brushwood Dog: Shiba Inu Features 

The Brushwood Dog: Shiba Inu

  The Shiba Inu is an independent, yet charming dog breed with a life span of 12 to 15 years. Not recommended for inexperienced owners, it has a high level of intelligence, making it difficult to train. Of course, this does not mean they aren’t loveable and loyal to their owners. Shiba Inu’s are originally from Japan, and gradually found their way around the world.  The Shiba Inu in Japanese translates to: “brushwood dog”. Neat huh? They are used to hunt for boars, birds, and even bears. They are Japan’s national treasure and remain their most popular companion dog. The characteristic that distinguishes a Shiba Inu from other dogs is its dense, self-cleaning coat that repels dirt to keep itself clean. It varies in colors from cream, black and tan, red, to white –…

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