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Some Announcements for the month of October Campus 

Some Announcements for the month of October

CONTINUING EDUCATION STUDENTS NOW TO BE INCLUDED IN THE VCSA At the last General Assembly, a vote was passed allowing Continuing Education students to become part of the VCSA. Currently, all day time students are members of the VCSA, meaning they can use services provided by the association, apply for scholarships organized by the council, take part in the VCSA’s events, vote in general assemblies, and join their executive council. As of the winter semester, Continuing Education students will also be permitted to do the same thing. Like day time…

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The Vanier Peer Support Network Campus 

The Vanier Peer Support Network

The Vanier Peer Support Network (VPSN) is a place where Vanier students can go when they’re feeling down, and/or when they want support; whether its academic related, for relationship support, or any other kind of support that Vanier students feel they need. Even if they just want to chat, if they want to share their good or bad news, VPSN has supporters for them. Ermine Paronyan is the president of the VCSA as well as the president and founder of the VPSN. She started this program last April. One day…

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The Apex are About to Tear Montreal to Pieces Entertainment 

The Apex are About to Tear Montreal to Pieces

It’s hard to imagine Windsor, Ontario is a particularly welcoming place for a metal band. Yet lo and behold, the so-called “City of Roses” has produced a collective of local veterans that are making large crimson waves across the country. The Apex made their first-ever stop in Montreal in late November, where they were given a warm, drunken reception. The band, who compare themselves to acts like Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan, pride themselves on sheer brutality. Far from being driven by melody, they boast a highly technical brand…

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Unforeseen Arts 


Igor Zaitsev always knew that he was someone special. Ever since he was born, he was always one step ahead of boys his ages. He learned to read and write at a young age and managed to get into high school when he was ten years old. Igor graduated with flying colours and was on his way to becoming a doctor at one of the most prestigious universities in the world; Princeton. His parents emigrated from Chernobyl, Ukraine and raised him on American soil. Igor’s dad heavily influenced him and…

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Behind the Henry Lehmann Gallery Campus 

Behind the Henry Lehmann Gallery

It takes one medium-sized room, a few involved teachers, and a handful of aspiring students for the Henry Lehmann Gallery to come to life. Amongst those students is Ashley Lebeau-Palmer, the director of the gallery, and she’s more than enthusiastic to talk about this project that’s quite unknown to the vast majority of the Vanier student population. Named after a late yet praised Vanier teacher, who passed away in 2009, the gallery has been around ever since 2007, more or less. “The gallery is a place for students to exhibit…

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Half Moon Run Entertainment 

Half Moon Run

Rating: 7.5/10 Sun Leads Me On is not a particularly apt name for Half Moon Run’s sophomore debut. Far from being guided by a single, distinct vision, the band sound like they’ve entered a period of light experimentation. Which is unusual, since they seemed to have already found a unique sound on 2012’s Dark Eyes, but there are two things that make this clear after one listen. The first is that the instantly recognizable style they cultivated on their debut album is somewhat phased out. Sun Leads Me On is…

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Paris Terrorist Attacks News 

Paris Terrorist Attacks

Paris should have been taken by storm on Friday, November 13th, by an exciting soccer game between France and the current world champions, Germany. Instead of being flooded by cheering fans, the streets of Paris were flooded with traumatized, panicked citizens and tourists after three bomb explosions at the Stade de France, along with no less than six shootings having occurred all over the city, notably at the stadium and at the Bataclan concert hall. Gunmen are said to have entered the crowded buildings and to have shot at random,…

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Net Neutrality and Why It is a Horrible Idea Voices 

Net Neutrality and Why It is a Horrible Idea

Net Neutrality. What is that you ask? It is the idea that corporations should not be able to decide which sites can provide better or faster access to data for their clients. Essentially, different sites get better bandwidth in order to deal with a larger amount of clients that visit, or simply to provide a better and faster experience when using the site. Think of it like a checkout in a store, the corporations get to choose how many cashiers customers have access to so that they can keep up…

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Bomb Scare: Culprits Caught News 

Bomb Scare: Culprits Caught

On Tuesday, November 3rd, more than seventy schools across Quebec were targeted with bomb threats, having received an upsetting e-mail that morning. The message, sent by a mysterious group called Le Sceptre Rouge, was meant as a pressure tactic to put an end to the rotating teacher strikes that have been in process since the end of October. Le Sceptre Rouge’s campaign, “Four Days of Death”, was launched in the name of denouncing the so-called terrible conditions imposed upon students by the strike, which removes from schools both “proper learning”…

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Resuscitating the Landscape: One Vanier Student’s Crusade Against the Japanese Knotweed News 

Resuscitating the Landscape: One Vanier Student’s Crusade Against the Japanese Knotweed

By his own admission, Kenneth Hilliam is not a scientist, but he’s hoping to get the attention of someone who is. While browsing the internet this past summer, he came across an article about Japanese Knotweed, an invasive plant native to the Far East that has made its way to the island of Montreal. What’s more, he knows exactly where it’s growing. “I found it […] along a bike path between Ville St. Pierre and Lachine. And I said, ‘wasn’t all this stuff cut down last summer?’” “I went in…

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