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NarcissistInTheThirdVerse Arts 


I’m not a musician, but I wish I was. Soundscapes weaving the heart Vibrations burning cyan   I’m half a mile away from bursting to flames, I can taste the heat from an inch of my fingers, Hit the ground.   I’m not a scientist, but I wish I was. Physics tying strings in the stars Building smoke and bubbling black   My heart is a hammer, Flying off to the rush, the edge of the firework Feel my blood in steam   I’m not a comedian, but I wish…

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French Sea In Haikus; Fragments Of A Mother Arts 

French Sea In Haikus; Fragments Of A Mother

A lioness speaks; Of war, breeze, and battle scars Whispers to her cub Anguished cries of a Cracked child pulled from the warm mud Kissed wounds for a dime Soft-furred open paws For the ripped paper doll kids Claws to the matches But lioness in a Sundress, a wicked guide for Bandaid heroines Scarlet lullabies Harsh bark of a gentle tongue Cub in a straight curve Twilight roars, star-jaw  Hot coals for a shattered view Black glass finger-kiss A lioness bites; Cracked neck of a passerby Royal feast in stains…

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A Review of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival Entertainment 

A Review of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival

                 Denis Villeneuve’s new science-fiction film, Arrival, starring Amy Adams, would be best described as an experience. The plot builds onto itself, appearing clumsy and strange as the story begins, alternating between a slow buildup with frequent repetitions, and plot advancements which seem to happen too fast. The flow is murky and shifting, and yet the film takes hold in a very powerful way at a critical time, and from then, is unrelenting. The film’s form, in this sense, is intimately connected to its subject matter: Linguistics.   The…

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Untitled Arts 


Allotted a steel corner in the Boardroom hall Crouched on pin legs the Devil’s pet dances   Entertainment for the Fallen crowd, merging, mending, swarming Gallows for a trumped up Heartbeat like a hummingbird’s wings   Insides boiling, slick slab of skin molding Justice for the raging madman Kill the sea of bulging Larvae building up   Multiplying, feverish dreams toying with the mind Never-ending maze Obvious buildup for the cracking skulls Please, please, please, help m-   Quarter of a person Recycled parts for the people Sold into admiration…

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Pride of a Passable Poet Arts 

Pride of a Passable Poet

I stand on the edge a cliff grazing the night sky scratching the surface mile upon inked mile alphabetical genius of truer grandeur ant before giants my filthy big eyes wander past cloud-ridden heads fingernails stretched out silent shouts for half a dime sweet graffiti prose standing on the edge of alphabetical greats my cloud-ridden head writer in a daze a cockroach contribution to a gold ink stream Is it truly worth this endless predictable hassle I drown in? Written By: June Rossaert

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Ultracrepidarian Arts 


Ultracrepidarian: noting or pertaining to a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise – My head has grown three times the size it should I live for the gentle thud against my skull I will always read all I can Mental illness of an intellectual: The more I learn the more I feel idiotic Grand pride of the blood-wrenched soul Why should I always need to be the smartest person in any given room? Corrections, additions, clarification drugs for the mind, I’m…

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Amnesia Arts 


He traps a swarm in his skull Bee beasts multiplied Huddled, hurdled, slow and dull Their stings over-amplified He crawls off a tightrope Tired arms clinging by a finger Slippery hands, what a sad trope Caterpillars chewing off his anger His cockroach eyes go wild For a woman scorned, but who? Clawing at his throat, he’s a child Does he taste like them, too? He traps a swarm in his skull Lonely larvae gnawing at his brain Devoured by the mighty seagull- King, of truly all the main He crawls…

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Tropical Iceage Arts 

Tropical Iceage

I look for you in a crowd of lips they all taste the same, really yours would have, too I bend over your flame you twist me into something new I am your friend- – – I am your friend. a thousand, thousand houses all lined up and I sleep in the cold it’s easy to melt and sear metal cutthroat for a- – – but it hurts to write softly I am ice cold you are a ghost of a volcano rupture, burn, break, crack why are you so…

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