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What’s trending on #BookTok? Entertainment 

What’s trending on #BookTok?

If you use TikTok, you might have heard of BookTok. It consists of a growing community where social media users share their love for literature and recommend books. Here are some of the most popular books recommended by these avid readers: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller This New York Times Bestseller, which also won the Orange Prize for Fiction, reimagines Homer’s work, the Iliad. This action-packed novel explores the tale of gods, immortal fame and a glorious love story. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover Written by…

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Top 5 Shows to Watch on Netflix Entertainment 

Top 5 Shows to Watch on Netflix

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or after Valentine’s Day, Netflix always has new and exciting binge-worthy shows to offer. There are countless shows and movies on Netflix with the theme of Valentine’s Day. Whether you spend your Valentine’s Day with your special someone or with your friends, here is a list of top 5 Netflix shows that you must watch. The top 5 Valentine’s Day Netflix shows are:   Emily in Paris: Emily in Paris is a comedy-drama about Emily Cooper who moves from Chicago to Paris for a job opportunity….

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Whiskey Jack Radio: Top 10 Country Songs of 2021 Entertainment 

Whiskey Jack Radio: Top 10 Country Songs of 2021

As we approach the end of 2021 and kiss another unusual and unforgettable year goodbye, here at the Insider, we thought it would be a great idea to have our favourite cowboy-hat wearing country music junkie and Nashville correspondent rank down what he thinks are some of the year’s best country singles and number one’s songs out there. “Heart on Fire” – Eric Church             Starting off this list, we have Eric Church’s “Heart on Fire” from the triple album Heart & Soul. With the release of…

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Tenille Arts Girl to Girl – Powerful Album with Powerful Messages Entertainment 

Tenille Arts Girl to Girl – Powerful Album with Powerful Messages

Ever since the world got to know the talented Tenille Arts, the Saskatchewan-born country singer has never failed to amaze the audience with her gorgeous voice and emotionally charged lyrics. Her third album, Girl to Girl, is no exception. Compared to Rebel Child and Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between, Girl to Girl adds an extra charm by sharing listeners a taste of personal life lessons. According to Taste of Country, Tenille Arts’ third album collects personal memories and experiences. The tracks featured in Girl to Girl have been placed…

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Are you on BookTok? Entertainment 

Are you on BookTok?

While quarantine is officially over and things are starting to get back to normal, many people forget the simple hobbies they adopted to keep themselves busy. For some, it was baking, watching shows with family, knitting, and for others, it was getting back into reading for fun. Anyone who has TikTok knows that there are many different so-called “versions” of it, depending on the type of content you enjoy. Trends will come and go, but something that has stuck is a way for people to identify which version of TikTok…

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Celebrating 100 years of Culture Entertainment 

Celebrating 100 years of Culture

A really special institution in Montreal is blowing its one-hundred candles. To mark its centenary, the McCord Museum will permit its visitors to access all facilities and exhibitions for free from October 13th, 2021, until January 19th, 2022. This offer is open to all Quebec residents – proof of residence is needed. There are exhibitions for all tastes, ranging from fashion to Indigenous art and city talks. The exhibit Chapleau, Profession: Cartoonist, is worth visiting as over 150 illustrations are presented. Being a pop culture time capsule, it permits visitors…

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Apple Crumble Recipe Entertainment 

Apple Crumble Recipe

It’s fall season, so that means apple season! It’s time to go apple picking and make all things apple flavoured. Apple crumbles are one of my favourite apple desserts to make because they are so easy to make. So here is a recipe for the best apple crumble! Enjoy. 🙂 Apple Crumble Recipe Time: ~ 10 – 20 mins. Prep. ~ 30 – 40 mins. Bake Temp.: 375 degrees c. Yields: 1 large apple crumble Ingredients: Filling: 7 – 8 peeled apples (I use Cortland) 2 tbsp. of lemon juice…

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Do you want to enjoy your Halloween night, but you’re a scaredy-cat *cough* like me *cough* or simply don’t want to be hiding beneath the covers during the entire movie? I got you! Here are some of my favourite animated Halloween movies that you will surely love! The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Monster House (2006) Coraline (2009) Hotel Transylvania (2012) Paranorman (2012) Monsters, Inc. (2001) Corpse Bride (2005) The Addams Family (2019) Frankenweenie (2012) Gnome Alone (2017) By Kaycee Cua

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Student Discounts That You Should Know About Entertainment 

Student Discounts That You Should Know About

The start of a new school year means more expenses and, let’s be honest, more stress. But these services might make your student life a little better and easier. Here is a list of the best student discount services and how to get them. OPUS card – Student reduced fare  As many probably know, OPUS cards are cheaper for students, but how do we apply for this service? Easy, go on the Omnivox community, and there you should find a link that directs you to the STL/STM website to fill…

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Quarantine in the Time of Coronavirus Entertainment Voices 

Quarantine in the Time of Coronavirus

Day 1 (March FRIDAY THE 13th) : I have no classes on Fridays, but my comrades are forced to attend school, risking their lives for their education. Later, Legault announces that all schools are to be closed for two weeks. Day 2: I had insomnia last night, and I am awoken in the wee hours of the morning.  I am unproductive, but I do an ab workout to stay fit.  I listen to music all day, and I even develop a newfound obsession with sudokus. However, I soon experience a…

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