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Jordan Schlansky: A Man with Various Responsibilities Entertainment 

Jordan Schlansky: A Man with Various Responsibilities

Jordan Schlansky is an associate producer on the Conan show. The man is a cunning fake Italian, best known for his many remotes and human-like nature. When speaking to Jordan, one will immediately notice his dead eyes, and vast knowledge. He can and will converse to you for hours on various subjects including but not limited to, food, Italy, Star Wars and, The Norelco Bodygroom. Conan O’Brien, the biggest star in America, has made it his quest to determine what Jordan does on the show. In Conan’s adventures thus far,…

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Wes Anderson: When Content Meets Form Entertainment 

Wes Anderson: When Content Meets Form

Wes Anderson is one of the great filmmakers working in Hollywood today. His author style is very distinct from any other director in this day and age. His worlds are filled with colourful, bright and vibrant settings, mixed with well-balanced and well-composed cinematography. To top it all off, his whimsical and real characters are often exploring daring and serious themes. Anderson’s style is very unique and stunning as each set are made with incredible details and using a well-balanced colour palette. His fantastic and purposely artificial worlds create a space…

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Cinémas Guzzo CEO Vincenzo Guzzo Takes on The Dragons’ Den Entertainment 

Cinémas Guzzo CEO Vincenzo Guzzo Takes on The Dragons’ Den

Vincenzo Guzzo, president and CEO of Cinémas Guzzo, has recently taken the role of a Dragon on the reality show Dragons’ Den, wherein aspiring entrepreneurs pitch product and business ideas to eager investors. Guzzo began leading Cinémas Guzzo into success in 1996, when he had just finished law school, and took over the company from his father, Angelo Guzzo, who founded the theatre company back in 1967. Vincenzo Guzzo was just 37 years old and was able to increase the number of theatre locations from three to ten in about…

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Stardew Valley Review Entertainment 

Stardew Valley Review

Farming simulators aren’t my cup of tea personally, let alone an indie farming sim,  I typically go for FPS’s, RPG’s, or puzzle games. However, shortly after the release of Stardew Valley; the game was recommended to me, and I hesitated to actually try it for a long time. Finally, I decided to play it and I was not disappointed. I have played the game for over 150 hours within the time frame of a month, and I still can’t get enough. To start, the game is very reminiscent of Harvest…

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Thelma and Louise: Empowering Women Through Cinema Entertainment 

Thelma and Louise: Empowering Women Through Cinema

In Ridley Scott’s film, Thelma and Louise are illustrated as victims throughout most of the film, this is seen through the lighting, the settings and costumes. In the beginning of the film, as the main protagonists are being introduced, the flat lighting reflects the two characters’ emotional state. The lighting isn’t very toned and has a bluish hue, further emphasizing how the characters feel trapped and how bleak their environments are. In fact, the setting of Thelma’s home is depicted as a very typical middle class house, in addition to…

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Did The Shape of Water Deserve Best Picture? Entertainment 

Did The Shape of Water Deserve Best Picture?

During the Oscar ceremony of the year 2010, one best-picture nominated film shocked many, James Cameron’s Avatar. Although the movie isn’t atrocious or anywhere near bad, the simple fact that a film who only exudes form and lacked content was nominated to, in a way, become a staple for that whole year’s production of movies produced discontent in the public. The simple fact was that; Avatar was a beautiful movie with a distinct style that enchanted filmgoers. However, simply being visually striking isn’t enough for a film to be such…

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Filthy Frank – The End of An Era Entertainment 

Filthy Frank – The End of An Era

Filthy Frank is the YouTuber behind characters such as Pink Guy, Salamander Man, and Chin Chin just to mention a few. Perhaps the most famous of his characters was Pink Guy, and his music album “Pink Season” reached the Billboard top 100 chart in early 2017. George “Joji” Miller is the mastermind behind the Filthy Frank character, and he released an official statement on his Twitter account on December 29th stating that he is leaving comedy for good, due to health conditions and a lack of passion. George is now…

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What’s The Deal With: Super Mario Odyssey – First Impressions Entertainment 

What’s The Deal With: Super Mario Odyssey – First Impressions

Not long after picking up the controller and starting to play Super Mario Odyssey, does one realize how insanely fun it is. It’s abundantly clear that Nintendo has crafted another masterful example of the platforming genre of games, which Mario himself helped create back in the 1980s.   Even after playing for 10 hours, there’s no end to the collecting of Power Moons in sight.   Odyssey represents a continuation of the more openended 3D Mario games such as 64 and Sunshine, and there are many more layers on top…

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History of Manga Entertainment 

History of Manga

Manga refers to Japanese comics. The term “manga” is made out of two characters: “man” which stands for “whimsical and impromptu” and “ga”, meaning “pictures”. Japanese manga is known for their display of emotions often exaggerated. Multiple genres of manga exist: the most popular ones are the shoujo and shonen style. Shoujo manga targets young girls as an audience due to their love story topic while shounen contains action and adventure, tending to be categorized for young guys. Manga is not necessarilly for kids, so don’t believe everything you hear….

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Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement Entertainment 

Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement

Daredevil is a series available to watch, alongside a wide variety of movies, through Netflix, which is saving people time and money. With Netflix, one may stream films and shows directly to a TV, computer, or tablet, all at the press of a button. Visit the website for a free monthly trial.   As it turns out, many of the characters in Daredevil just so happen to have the same, or perhaps similar-looking, Samsung phones. Did you know that Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 is water resistant? That’s very handy making…

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