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Student Discounts That You Should Know About Entertainment 

Student Discounts That You Should Know About

The start of a new school year means more expenses and, let’s be honest, more stress. But these services might make your student life a little better and easier. Here is a list of the best student discount services and how to get them.

  1. OPUS card – Student reduced fare 

As many probably know, OPUS cards are cheaper for students, but how do we apply for this service? Easy, go on the Omnivox community, and there you should find a link that directs you to the STL/STM website to fill out a form to get a new OPUS card. Opus cards usually expire on the 31 of October, so make sure to apply for a new OPUS card before then. A new opus card costs $15.
2. Apple Student 

 As students, we use computers and other technological devices a lot, so why not get a new cheaper mac air/pro or iPad that can last you for a long time? This one I wish I knew about sooner when buying my MacBook. Macbooks aren’t cheap and so saving as much money on them is crucial. 

If I had gotten my MacBook from Apple Students, I would have saved a few hundred dollars and gotten free AirPods. I got the off-brand ones, of course. But I could not have spent any money on wireless earphones if I got my MacBook from Apple Students. Apple students offer other devices as well, such as pads and phones like the new iPhone 12. 

Visit: for more information. 

3. Student discounted Haircuts – Icone Coiffure

  Haircuts can be pretty expensive, but lucky for students; you can get a free haircut at Iciône coiffure located at 2124 Drummond, Montreal, Qc, H3G 1W9 on Wednesdays. 

  1. Student Ski passes 

  Ski season can be expensive, with an adult paying around $1359 at Mont-Tremblant. But did you know that students can pay as little as $299 if they pay in advance with their student ID? Prices may vary, but it is very worth it, especially if you are a big skier or just want to go skiing with friends. 
 By Talia Atallah

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