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That Infamous Four-Letter Word Features 

That Infamous Four-Letter Word

Love. It is such a driving force in our world; in our lives. It has the power to start wars and demolish empires. In stories and myths, some people have been so desperate to have it that they have sold their souls for even a fraction of the feeling. In the Greek myths of old, poor Orpheus couldn’t save Eurydice but he did journey to the depths of Hades to find her.  There is a reason that most songs are love songs or merely love songs in disguise. So as…

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The Story Behind Valentine’s Day Features 

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Over a millenia ago one of the most famously loved and dreaded holidays came to life, the day of Saint Valentine. You may see Valentine’s Day as a great day where you can celebrate love, eat chocolate, and give gifts, or as a day that may seem lonely at times and makes being single into an inherently bad thing. You might not know where exactly this holiday originated; the true origin is still fairly unknown. But there are multiple theories, most being about a man named Valentine. There are multiple…

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